SuperFan and Smashbox Full Exposure mascara, which I was pleasantly surprised

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Mascara. More ambiguous and unpredictable decorative, perhaps, difficult to imagine. Today will tell you about two instances professional brand Smashbox.

All who are interested, welcome to under the cat).

SuperFan Smashbox Mascara in shade black

Bright red tube with the ink inside on the manufacturer’s promises should give us the volume, length and a panoramic effect on the eyelashes.

What, in fact?

The ink is black, I would even say, coal color.

Perfume classic.

Brush silicone, with setae of different lengths around the cone.

Pretty miniature, absolutely does not cause discomfort during procrasti eyelashes. I just such brushes, and I love to buy for more than one year.

From the moment you use mascara gives length, and bending, and even the volume of my rare, light and short lashes-invisible.

Worn adequately all day, not causing trouble. If you won’t be under heavy snow, it will not leave you until make-up remover.

Mascara Smashbox Full Exposure mascara in shade black

This mascara is simply obliged to give volume and make our eyelashes fluffy, according to the manufacturer.

What can you say about her “work“?

Brush the mascara is quite impressive, a classic shape, but I once had a mascara Avon about the same Hulk, so this I am absolutely not scared. It is very soft and pleasing to my eyelashes.

Color, as the previous one has rich black.

The consistency of both mascaras I liked from the outset. They absolutely didn’t have time to paint.

Deleted Smashbox Full Exposureas its predecessor without any problems, while socks behaves like a real student.

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Anyway, now I’m even a little upset that I had not particularly paid attention to this brand. It turns out that I have lost a lot.

Below I will show them on their eyelashes. Both carcasses deposited in two layers. For the purity of the vision I put them on “naked” eyes without shadows and extra tinsel, which often gives us a little bit about the idea of how it will look on us mascara solo. And many girls prefer to wear mascara in ordinary life with nothing.


With Smashbox Full Exposure

On the left eye initially my eyelashes all my life some bad-different lengths and who grow in the woods, who for firewood… In the photo before this is also well noticeable. So this result after is fine with me.


With Smashbox Super Fan

And interestingly, at the macro I see absolutely not, just in the mirror. I would even say that the photo they look much worse than it actually is. But it and macro. In life we are so close no one will ever see.

Brushes next to each other to compare their sizes

To summarize, I would say that both carcasses I liked and I use them with pleasure.

And to buy them or not after my opinion, only you can decide.

Price of both: about 2000 without the discount.

Rating: 5.

Usage time: about a month.

Sincerely, Elena.

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