Suqqu Flawless Lip Gloss 07 Akashion

Did Suqqu lip gloss for the first time last spring (they are all in the last 2 years has stepped so far forward, as any brand that I know). They then released a beautiful postoyanku for every taste and color, and 2 limited edition shades. I have noticed 2 shades from the permanent collection, and one of them tonight.

The first shade that got under my skin with the first swatches. But on the promo it was pure plum color, translucent, without a drop of shimmer. In fact I got a violet-plum, lighter, shimmery color. 3 times I checked, I ordered everything correctly, this is what I needed. Not the first time draw attention to the discrepancy between photos and reality of the brand, but this time it is the most prominent difference. But okay, Swatch still were precisely those that promised.

Sponge elastic, fluffy, flat. Each of the parties efficiently stained each lip, that is, there is no need to dip the sponge in the tube.

Glitter is a translucent, non-sticky. Falls subtle, but gives a relatively noticeable color and very good luster, even gloss. And that by itself does not spread, but the creases on lips numb, creating dark stripes. That is, the texture coats the lips very tightly. To drink with a finish is, as usual, no.

It’s not the glitz of the dream, but he gives a good care and a bit of color. Lovers translucent shade — it’s just a balm for the soul. Here’s an example I really want to buy it in another color. It is a worthy product who asks for repetition.

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