TerraCycle announces new approach to environmentally friendly packaging


American company waste TerraCycle claims that eco-friendly cosmetic packaging can go from the need of recycling to the concept of durability.

TerraCycle in Europe said that consumers are all deeply imbued with the idea durable and reusable formats, which provide key opportunities for innovation in the beauty industry and personal care products.

TerraCycle is a private U.S. company for the processing and recycling of waste – for many years actively cooperating with cosmetic companies in initiatives to collect and recycle waste, including Body Shop; L’oreal, Proctor & Gamble. Recently launched the initiative LOOP is a specialized company that focuses on complete redesign of packaging, moving from recyclable materials to more durable formats to be reusable.

“The idea is to work closely with brands and retailers to see how we can integrate the whole system, – said Amanda Ballad, Manager, business development at TerraCycle Europe. – It is true that consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability in General and do buy products, taking into account sustainable options. Buyers understand that the durability is better than recyclable packaging. There is a tendency, generated consumer behavior, to move from disposability to durability”.

Earlier this year, TerraCycle has worked with Unilever over the testing of the system LOOP for deodorants long lasting and reusable. However, scaling up to the mass market will not be an easy task because of the convenience associated with disposable formats that will require a lot of effort, because you have more dough to interact with consumers.

According to TerraCycle , the largest players in the cosmetic industry have already committed themselves on the packaging, which lies in the fact that it must be suitable for recycling, composting or reuse. In this transition period to the new format packages designed for the 2020-2025 year. Currently, most companies are looking for ways to transition from non-recyclable to recyclable – this is a big step on the path of sustainable development. However, many companies are now considering the next step which is to use the more durable formats are intended to be reusable.

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