The alternative to scrub: what is the dry brush massage and who needs it

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Massage dry brushing not only helps to clean the skin from dead cells, boost blood flow.

Recently, the dry brush massage is becoming very popular. This is not surprising as it not only allows you to replace the scrub, but also to improve blood flow and, therefore, accelerate the renewal of tissues. The skin becomes smoother and firmer, improving its appearance and protective properties.

The massage is performed with a dry brush on dry skin. It is recommended to choose a bristle brush for your skin type. If you’ve never done a massage, it is best to start with a brush with soft bristles, and then buy a medium-soft brush, and then hard. Immediately use a stiff brush is not recommended – the procedure will give you discomfort and possible microtrauma. It is best to choose a brush with bristles of natural materials.

It is not necessary to make efforts – do not press on the brush, you can damage the skin. Make smooth movements from the bottom up. Thighs, buttocks and belly massage with circular movements. After the procedure, take a shower to wash away dead cells and moisturize the skin.

Massage, dry brushing is not recommended for owners of very dry and sensitive skin. Also, do not do it for skin diseases in the acute stage. Face massage can be perform only by means of specially designed brushes as facial skin is more delicate and does not tolerate bullying.

This massage will successfully replace your scrubs, helping to effectively cleanse the skin. But this is not its only advantage – improves circulation and run the update processes of tissues and stimulates nerve endings.

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Massage is recommended once a week. Too frequent treatments can lead to irritation.

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