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The results of the outgoing year, 6 different and great.

Without mascara I never leave the house, even if it is laziness or no time for makeup, mascara is a must!

I would have them repeated in 2019.

January-February-March 2018

MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational

After her stalking me “frog” to pay more.

Probably the most popular, we can say recognized by all peoples of the ink.

The revolutionary brush-fan with 6 types of bristles separates lashes everything.

Short bristles grab and paint over even the smallest and invisible lashes from the roots. Row after row. Long bristles pull and open the lashes like a fan.

Brief: more than three months and had not been dried, curls and great volume. One gripe is the brush is hard.

March-April 2018

“Italian favorite” Mascara Shock Collistar.

Sensational offer in the world of professional cosmetics – mascara Collistar Mascara Shock-effect doll eyelashes!

This multi-functional mascara gives length, volume, separates and curls and nourishes the eyelashes, slows down premature hair loss, as it strengthens the follicles. For maximum effect it is easy to apply evenly from the roots by shaking the brush and swiping it upwards along the eyelashes.

Watery texture, as if enveloped eyelashes. Will not melt, do not stick together, not crumble. Just perfectly painted eyelashes, one, two layers. Excellent brush and great volume. Natalya recently spoke about her here

Of the minuses – two months later dried up completely.

Beneficial to buy in a set.

June-September 2018

Mascara Yllozure IMPRESSION

Curved brush, eyelash curler, which provides a spectacular twist and the formula with a lengthening effect to give the lashes an incredible form, it gives lashes a great curve and volume, captures the lashes, making seductive gaze of its owner endlessly attractive.

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Long-lasting effect is ensured by persistent organic compounds. The formula contains beeswax.

The properties of lengthening mascara and some mascara. Lays down exactly, without lumps, without much black, does not stain the eyelids. Elongation gives, Curling, too. Trouble-free coating and overlaying. Two months had not been dried. The ink IMPRESSION is good, but without wow effect.

The price is about 400 R in the set.

October-December, 2018

Mascara Yves Saint Laurent

Buy many more times.

Legendary! #sublineage

The unique formula of mascara at the same time makes eyelashes more thick and long.

The composition of the carcass prevents the adhesion of lashes and ensures make-up durability.

Included in the carcasses of nutrients strengthen eyelashes and protect them from damage.

Increases the length of eyelashes and their volume. Lays down exactly, without lumps, not showered.

Eyelashes like Malvina 🙂 to make able, well-layered.

The texture is really thick and I felt its lash, is a minus in her direction.

Color ink I use is not often that two was enough for the year.


By Terry Mascara Terrybly Growth Booster

Stated as a mascara of new generation to increase the growth of eyelashes. Patented exclusive technology LUMICOAT ® for increasing eyelash growth is used Xxlash Complex, Glycoproteins for stronger and silky eyelashes — Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, two-and three — dimensional effect: Ultra-Soft Vegetable Waxes, “Film-Forming” Polymers for a vinyl black color — Extra-Fine Pigments.

Classic brown

At first I was disappointed with this mascara cilia as the cilia, the budget (brown) Vivienne sabo Cabaret premiere was given a more visible effect.

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But after two weeks of daily use, I have appreciated its benefits. She seems a bit dried up and worked better.

Important is a chic separation, that can’t none of my collection and I don’t remember this.

Not printed, not flowing, well layered and of course beautiful brown softens the look blonde:)

Of the minuses is the price and how that I did not see a growth of eyelashes:(

Price in Europe is about 30 Euro

And the last blue copy, which I was decorated with the black tips of their cilia

In this comparative with black ink, you can see the “deep and noble” blue

What can I say, she’s my favorite, similar to black — volume effect and other technical characteristics.

In the next 2019 my list is:

Black: Vivienne sabo Cabaret, CHANEL LE VOLUME DE CHANEL, Armani Eyes To Kill

Brown new Maybelline Lash Sensational

Blue Guerlain

2019 desires

I would appreciate Your recommendations.

Happy New year, magic and miracles 🙂

Your NikaKlavas

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