The artificial nails can cause allergies

Experts on skin care have warned that the chemicals found in gel and acrylic, are designed for nail, can cause an allergic reaction.

Methacrylate chemicals contained in the tools for escalating of artificial nails, can cause severe, itchy rash anywhere on the body, not just on their fingertips, says the British Association of dermatologists. Such an allergic reaction can occur in 2.4%.

These results were based on tests that reveal the manifestation of Allergy on the chemicals, which were conducted at 4931 patients who attended 13 dermatological clinics in the UK and Ireland in 2017.

While most patients are allergic developed in the process of using funds to strengthen nails and glue for artificial nails and eyelashes. In addition, a third of patients suffering from such allergic reactions are the masters of manicure. It is noteworthy that these manifestations impact methacrylate substances occur predominantly in women.

Allergic reactions can occur when chemicals come in contact with any part of the skin, causing a rash anywhere on the body including eyelids, face, neck and the genital area. Consequences are also considered brittle nails and even breathing problems.

Dr David Orton of the British Association of dermatologists said: “it is Very important that people know they can develop allergies due to the artificial nails. The truth is that the number of women with such reactions, which are not diagnosed, is pretty big. And all because they can bind with nails your symptoms especially if they occur elsewhere on the body.

It is extremely important to study the tendency to allergies such factors, not only in order to be able to avoid contact with them, but also because the development of Allergy to these chemicals can have lifelong consequences in terms of dental procedures or surgeries, which are widely used devices, or materials containing these allergens”.

But Dr Deirdre Buckley, consultant dermatologist Royal United Hospital Bath and President of the British society of cutaneous Allergy, said that even many doctors don’t know about it, “Allergic to methacrylate components can behave in the same way as many other serious manifestations of contact Allergy that have emerged over the last few decades.” Special attention deserve it, and manicurists who need to use a special nitrile gloves and a suitable UV lamp, which ensures the complete solidification of the gel, otherwise, this substance can trigger the Allergy.

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