The balm on? or does the lip Butter? Organic Kitchen “Snow Queen”

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So ended my first jar (and the only one to be honest) product Organic kItchen, which I decided to try

The brand three oils for lips: candy Taffy, Hi, mint Barbie and the Snow Queen. And, it’s funny that free brand the first two there, and the snow Queen persistently absent. However, it is sold, and the shop where I took her, she periodically disappears and appears again, then produce the same.
I am categorically not a fan of sweet fragrances, especially on the lips, but they look like peppermint, especially in the lip balm. The choice is obvious.

Raspberries as they say no smell. Smells like sweet mint (like “Orbit sweet mint”))) and a little unrefined oils. Smell fades not, neither minty nor buttery
Texture — very tender, not dense, so the oil mousse, recruit easily, melts almost instantly
Ya of course, as usual, good hindsight, didn’t think to take a picture of the texture when oil was still a lot and scraped a plate of finger rests))) by the Way, the nail is not bent. This piece still not melted butter merged with the free edge

No shade, on the lips, absolutely colorless

Composition (hiding under the sticker with the product description):

With regard to care properties, most similar products — just self-indulgence for lips. Oil Organic kitchen is no exception. It lip to its normal condition. To maintain, but not improve.
I ran it just the notorious density. Fat much, absorbs quickly, and the real effect — a little. To be honest, my balm, I mixed on a whim, from the entire row and without any rules, much better
Mint cools only slightly, no need to wait balm (especially mint flavor sweet, by the way, I have this essential oil, peppermint mentha arvensis meadow, the scent just exactly, and almost not cools) the effect of plumper

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I think this thing is more suitable for children or adolescents with maloproblemny lips. The composition is good, it smells delicious, gleaming quite nice, and all they need

Assessment 3
Price: I purchased in store for about 100 rubles

PS. I can’t understand what the jar is, and whether it is suitable for re-use? And the hot mass into it can be drained as you think? It’s some kind of aluminium?

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