The benefits and harms of soap for hair

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With the correct use of soap, your hair can become healthy, strong and elastic.

Soap deeply cleanses the hair and scalp, treats dandruff and seborrhea, while removing excess oil. In addition, the tool helps to get rid of dry skin and itching, strengthens hair follicles, activates hair growth, and also gives them volume and Shine, while preventing hair loss.

As for the harm of the hair, the main disadvantage of soap is the increased pH level. The composition of this product is alkali and it can completely wash hair the fat, which is necessary to protect hair from external factors. As a result, curls can become dry and on the skin of the head to dandruff. Of course, you can’t use to wash Laundry soap regularly.

It is recommended to grind the soap on the grater, and then the resulting mixture was heated to obtain a homogeneous consistency. Whisk it to a foam, and only then apply to hair. Rinse the product with water at room temperature, in any case, do not use hot water.

After washing the hair is recommended to rinse hair with herbal decoctions – they protect the strand from exposure to alkali. Helps thyme, lime, plantain, nettle and chamomile.

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