The best skin care in 2018 ( empty jars)

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About the favorite last year:) that definitely want to repeat and I can safely recommend

Category purification — Japanese hydrophilic oil Fancl

Three years in a row I buy this oil, can’t count what’s the bottle and in stock there is always something new.
I especially love them in the limited edition, pretty flowers on the package enchant.

The light, with excellent composition, it is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Odorless.

It is perfect for removing makeup and cleansing the eye to cope without irritation.

Nothing better I have found.

Of special care, like:

Discs exfoliating Glow Tonic To-Go

Delicate exfoliation, a convenient format in the discs. Always used before any mask that improves efficiency. A gentle exfoliation treatment.
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Would repeat them, but want the newcomer to this format. Waiting for your recommendations:)

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

For my prone to dryness skin, it will fit perfectly. Moisturizing effect, I felt 100%. Well and under the mask and under night cream.

I will not repeat, so want to buy new items for themselves from the funds with lactic acid. Please advise 🙂

Category Facials
My Heath more than two years, not found analogues as masemanek ( I usually have 10 PCs in the course of different ).
Natura Bisse Essential Shock Mask beauty mask with pineapple.

You can not believe, but she does it ALL! — moisturizing, whitening, lifting, cleaning — real mask of “Cinderella”.
200 ml of “happiness” and new in stock. Girls different type of skin shared my opinion.

Soon I will write a review of masks of this brand ( I’ll tell you that the new version of this mask does not leave such a wow effect)

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Category Facials on the pedestal of oil, Sisley Black Rose
Passed the night in nursing the day. Age and prone to dryness I recommend heartily. The perfect combination of texture, flavor and effect. As well in the colder months on it to apply makeup.

Sisley Masque Creme A La Rose Noire Black Rose Cream Mask

This mask is always in my probe, I stock up for the winter:) as a night cream it SOS agent to nourish and refresh the skin during cold weather.
Expensive, but on my skin it works and it justifies the cost.
Always try to obtain a generous sized mini samples of the consultants.

If not for the desire to try new things, definitely would repeat this a couple full size and a third time.

I spoke in detail in 2017 and again they were my hits in 2018.
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Category care area around the eyes and face care

The jar is a wonderful night cream Sensai Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Cream called “applause”.
How night and day worked on 5 +.
A dense layer almost like a mask in the evening and in the morning the skin is nourished, without edema.
During the day under makeup a thin layer of perfectly placed concealer.

Already repeated twice and buy a third. As purchased reviews and Shiseido, is far inferior to my favorite Sensai.

Post about Sensai Here

Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Fluid

Exclusive formula contains 3% stabilized vitamin C and vitamin E, and normalize the regulation of oily and combination skin. High-collagen amino acids in free form restores moisture balance and softness to the skin. For protection against the harmful effects of solar radiation, the cream contains solar filter SPF 10. Does not contain oils.

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Despite what the fluid is for oily skin type, my prone to dryness adored him. In the summer months, used it at night and during the day under makeup.

Definitely buy to spring it. And soon tells in detail about all their money from this vitamin line.

Defended the skin I am also Spanish cream. Pharmacy brand.
ISDIN Fotoprotector 50 + Fusion

Lightweight fluid is ideal as the city’s option under makeup and on the beach.
Winter dry skin with it is not enough moisture, I put it under a serum or oil.
No smell, no Wiblishauser effect, good for sensitive skin.

The spring sure would have bought a new tube, if not my inventory with SPF.
Be sure to tell you about it in detail and all my sunscreen last year.

Category care for hair and body

Liked all three tools professional Secret Kydra by phyto .

But most of all I want to mention the shampoo, by the way, this is the first I have where the Foundation is not water.
Soft and comfortable cleansing for my bleached hair, washes away the paint and worthy of caring.

Secret Professionnel by Phyto Shampooing Brillance Couleur
However, the entire line left a good impression.

The shampoo is repeated, and probably not the last time.

Details Here

A couple from
Wella Professionals Fusion Amino Refiller — amino Intense restructuring serum and Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Mask intensive revitalizing mask.

Repeat from 2017. This is a real home Spa. First apply the serum in the middle for 20 min and then on top of the 5 minute mask. The hair is like after the procedure of keratin.
Very economical.

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Details Here

Category body care , saved from dryness Body Butter Just

Gorgeous soothing and nourishing care for dry skin. Soothes sensitive and irritated skin, making it soft and velvety.

Texture of thick cream, instantly absorbed, no greasy film. Leather is in perfect condition.
Used for dry areas. Definitely recommend for the winter period.

Deodorant Collistar “Multi Active Deodorant 24 hours roll-on”
Smell: light floral.
It dries quickly, no white marks on clothing leaves.
The use is very economical, had still to finish.
Despite the fact that the movie is at the bottom of the tube, the deodorant doesn’t leak.

Tell us about Your best money last year.


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