The calamine. Best ingredient for oily skin

Good day to all!

I have oily skin and I have long been accustomed during the day to see a shiny forehead and nose, and even the entire face.

In October 2018, I first tried the tools with the calamine that changed my idea of what might look like my skin.

What is calamine, why you need it and how it affects oily skin — under the cut.

For many years I thought that enlarged pores is a punishment, and oily skin — diagnosis. Well, people do not know very much, that’s why I live as I used to.

Since then, as I discovered acid to clean, the Shine is not as pronounced (but still me) and the pores are normal.

I almost celebrating his victory, when suddenly I came across a few samples nursing cream with pink calamine.

Ever since I learned about my skin for something new — it may not be shiny fat throughout the day.

What is calamine?

Many many years smart people use pink calamine powder to care for oily skin.

This is a fairly cheap ingredient, because it is easily produced and in the variety of contains in nature.

The source of calamine that’s such a beautiful mineral — hemimorphic

The most important for oily skin the property of calamine is its ability to absorb and absorb different compounds, including the product of the sebaceous glands.

In addition to the adsorption excess oil from the skin surface (which helps to prevent inflammation), it is the additional (decorative) effect: the skin becomes more even in tone and becomes more fresh.

Also calamine will appeal to sensitive and allergic skin, since it has a calming effect, eliminates irritation and fights his cause.

What else?

Calamine reduces the swelling of the skin, helps reduce redness, dries out, promotes the formation of the protective layer of the skin with reduced barrier function.

In cosmetology often apply the so-called calamine lotion, which is used to soothe atopic, allergic or just irritated skin.

By the way, now popular the biphasic solution for spot treatment of inflammation with pink powder at the bottom is nothing like the funds on the basis of calamine.

The photo point tool Mizon

Therefore, I do not recommend buying them if they cost more 500 p, because most likely the price is unreasonably high..

What you need to know about this ingredient?

  • Properties of calamine acquire a pronounced effect in high concentrations, this means that the composition must be in the first half of the ingredient list.
  • Using several tools with calamine, you amplify the overall effect.
  • Calamine works in any means (godovogo and decorative), so it can be used at any stage.
  • Calamine visually lightens the skin (depending on concentration), it is necessary to take into account the makeup.
  • It is completely safe for all skin types, but dry skin may be dry, it must be borne in mind and if you need to use spot or short-term.
  • The color of calamine varies from white to light pink depending on the degree of purification. The pink color gives it a mixture of iron oxide and this combination gives the skin a delicate shade when using tools with calamine.
  • So

    If you have oily and/or sensitive skin and you are ready to sell the soul, just to get rid of oily Shine during the day, you may want to begin by means of calamine?

    For me, this ingredient has become a necessary and extremely important, and I don’t understand why he never met me before.

    Finally, we cite the example of several toolsthat contain calamine.

    1) Dr. Jart+ V7 Pink Toning — overlayimage face cream with calamine, AHA-acids and vitamin C (~ 45$)

    2) AC: RICH Collection Ultimate Spot Cream — spot cream for the treatment of inflammatory conditions (~ 20$)

    3) Innisfree Capsule Recipe Mask (Rose & Calamine) — soothing mini-mask with rose and calamine (~ 5$)

    4) CIRACLE Pimple Solution Pink Powder — dot remedy against inflammation (~ 15$)

    5) Su:m37 Sun Away Mild Tone-up Sun Block — sunscreen with a slight toning effect (~ 35$)

    6) MiSSHA SOS AC CORRECT CLAY MASK — clay mask for problem skin (~ 5$)

    7) Uriage Pruriced Cream — pruritic cream for dry skin (~ 14$)

    Have you tried the tool by calamine? How are your impressions?

    In the near future I plan to highlight products with calamine, which I liked most.

    Thank you for your attention!

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