The cause of aging skin hides at the cellular level

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With age, cells lose the ability to regenerate and lose protective properties.

Spanish scientists have discovered the root cause of visible skin aging and the occurrence of age-related changes. They came to the conclusion that for this problem the cellular level, which is the loss of ability to accurate reproduction.

Dermatologists believe that the aging of fibroblasts, which account for all changes caused by the biological process, which can be defined as “loss of identity” connective tissue cells. This process is characteristic for all cells of the human body, but it works in each case individually. As for the skin, the connective tissue loses the capacity for normal regeneration due to the reduction in the number suitable for cell division.

Fibroblasts start to become similar to fat cells – they acquire their characteristics. This leads to disruption of synthesis of collagen and other age-related problems, such as pigmentation. Moreover, reduced protective functions of the skin that leads to inflammatory processes, and throughout the body. This leads to the fact that the cells begin to age even faster.

According to experts, with such processes at the local level it is possible to fight if we find a way to “recode” the fibroids so that they retain their original appearance for as long as possible.

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