The Chinese cosmetics conquering the international market

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On par with such well-known concepts of beauty as J-beauty and K-beauty, in the beauty industry growing popularity of cosmetics from China, which also got its name – C-beauty. However, market analysts argue that there are a lot of obstacles.

The popularity of Chinese cosmetics, or C-beauty has been improved by the nationalist wave that swept the country. “Pride in China is increasing, and this means that local brands are increasingly in demand,” says Florence Bernardin, founder of the French consulting Agency Information et Inspiration, which specializes in Asian cosmetic market.

Bernardin also noted that Chinese consumers turning to local brands with products that meet their specific needs and skin problems. Brands C-beauty quickly responded to this demand by developing innovative products specifically for the Chinese problems and skin tones. “Famous brands is able to respond actively to product development, combining the latest global and local trends, offering products that directly meet the needs of Chinese consumers,” said Bernardin.

The expert also added that Chinese consumers also appreciate the natural ingredients of most brands C-beauty. “Vegetation compositions based on the principles of Chinese medicine, integrated Chinese culture and the minds of consumers”.

One of the strengths of C brands-beauty – marketing. “The traditional concept moderniziriruyutsya to create a new concept of beauty that combines Chinese culture and identity. We see the return of iconic brands, as well as new ways of communication and create marketing campaigns based on the unique language of Chinese Millennials,” notes Bernardo.

However, according to Florence Bernardin, the competitive market prevents the growth of C brands-beauty. “One of the problems is the creation of a stable brand, as there is stiff competition between local, international and Asian brands.” Despite its strengths, the C brands-beauty may be short-sighted. “Sometimes focuses on short-term profits, not long-term development of the product. This means that in commercially available large volume of “star” products, which attract the mass market, and not long ago produced products. Often brands spend too much on communication and distribution, and not on research and development, and this means that you may not be a sustainable vision.” Bernardin believes that globalization the first step, which should make the brand C-beauty, is expanding into the broader Asian market.

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However, Chinese brands need to enhance the security of its products, as currently “there is no certification for organic or “clean” beauty products”. This is important because the demand for such products means more opportunities. Mrs. Bernardo said: “there will be a transition from mass market to more premium products, which have a level of quality and safety, the Japanese and international brands. I also expect that brands will pay more attention to creating a higher level of trust of consumers through transparency of ingredients and production, and sustainability”.

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