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Not long ago someone asked me, is it possible to find an alternative to expensive hand creams. From the budget to Russian manufacturers I used to like the creams, Nevskaya kosmetika (chamomile) and Natura siberika (sea buckthorn). Creams for hands of local Chinese production, I somehow did not pay attention until, while I captured the idea again to try different Chinese cosmetics. To the last was sure to buy something good it will not work, and even more delighted when I saw mark, creams for hands which had been used at the Institute. I rarely remember the makeup so that pronoshu this memory over the years, but the creams maxam left the most pleasant impressions. Seven years ago when the entire Chinese cosmetic industry just got up from his knees, the company has already produced a super-comfortable, affordable, high-quality cream with a pleasant texture and light fragrance.

It was very interesting, has anything changed since then, and my expectations were entirely justified. maxam not only renewed the package design (it was more feminine and colorful), but also improved the textures and worked on the fragrances.

Unfortunately, these creams are intended for sale only in the territory of China, therefore, there is no word in English, and when you buy you can focus only on the coloring of the packaging or the characters, if you know how to read them.

maxam (chin. 美加净) is owned by Shanghai Jahwa group, which is also the manufacturer of the famous premium brands Herborist, Vive and super-popular in mainland China line of men’s cosmetics gf. Maxam philosophy is very simple: cosmetic product for everyday use high quality for an affordable price. And rightly so — the products of maxam can easily find in any supermarket: hand creams, face creams, cosmetic creams/emulsions, shower gels, body lotion, foam cleanser, lip balms, moisturizing tonics and fabric mask — basic set, which is used by every woman.

Nourishing hand cream maxam with sweet almond oil (blue).

This is the cream of the classic series of hand creams, which also includes a moisturizer with aloe (green), healing cream with olive oil (red) and frost cream with walnut oil (purple).

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All creams packaged in a simple tube with bottle caps and are sold even without external boxes or fuser, but the hole for dispensing is firmly sealed at all — I barely managed to scrape this hard foil.

A tube of this cream is the softest, it is easy to grip and pressure so that desired portion of the cream is extracted without difficulty.

The cream is a surprisingly comfortable texture. It is non-greasy and light cream-gel, but when applied to the skin feels the richness of the cream nutrients. The cream is a pleasant powdery scent usually smells like baby care products for kids.

The cream spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly, leaving no white residue, stickiness or paraffin film. Perfectly softens, eliminates dryness and tightness of the skin after washing your hands in hard water, keeps your skin in moist condition and makes the skin soft and smooth to the touch. I am very happy with this cream, because for a small sum got a really good hand cream, which has a lot of advantages. It moisturizes the skin and not immediately rinsed off even with soap and water. He has excellent nutritional and regenerating properties, the skin becomes very supple and elastic, and small scratches and cracks heal faster. He was perfect for me to protect from adverse weather conditions: cold wind, frost and snow. His defense and health properties enough for the whole day — I almost don’t have to apply the cream again.

Composed of: glycerin, mineral oil, petrolatum, cetostearyl alcohol, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, root extract of Girshovich vaginal.

Term of use: more than a month

Price: 75 g — 7 yuan (about 69 rubles.)

Rating: 5+. Next winter I’ll still: worth a penny, and moisturizes and protects from low temperatures in winter are much better than more expensive creams.

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The next couple is a new company.

Flavoured creams “handbags”, “for any occasion” or “every day”.

This set of two creams (80 g and 30 g), which were sold in soft silicone package cosmetic bag with a snap closure. Set price: 18.5 yuan — about 180 rubles.

The first cream (pink package) is positioned as a multi-functional and to protect against skin damage in the process of doing the housework: cleaning, washing dishes without gloves, burns from cooking (what a nightmare!), washing hands and other things. The cream prevents the dryness and roughness of skin and heals and regenerates the skin. Special cream for Housewives, in short. =)

The packing material of this cream a little stiffer than the cream with sweet almond oil, but the cream is squeezed out effortlessly. Very annoying petite cap-screw that and tries to fall out of hands and lost, sunset somewhere over the furniture.

This cream’s delicate texture cream-gel or a fluid with a pleasant floral smellohms. I smell until I put the cream on your hands, and once the cream absorbed, the smell disappears.

The cream is causing me some issues. Whether I’m too hard, whether Chinese Housewives are not particularly bother the cooking and the cleaning, because the properties of the cream is not very suitable to eliminate the effects of homework, which I, by the way, always try to do with gloves on.

It spreads easily over the skin and absorbs in seconds without a trace, enveloping his hands like a second skin. Makes the skin silky, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Perfectly eliminates dryness and tightness of skin after washing your hands. Can moisturize and soften the skin, but that’s it. He does not have such a prolonged action and stable protection, as the cream with almond oil. I often have to apply the cream again, even if I don’t soap — just feel how the skin begins to tighten due to dry and hot air from the air conditioning in the room. It does not protect from low temperatures on the street — the skin just harden from the cold. Nutritious and restorative properties, but they are very weak. The cream is more suitable for warm weather. I use it at home and will probably leave it until spring.

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Consisting of: mineral oil, glycerin, petrolatum, cetostearyl alcohol, root extracts of Japanese ofiopogon, flowers, Camellia, root, purslane, serine, vitamin E, Shea butter.

Term of use: more than a month

Rating: 4. Plain cream with a comfortable texture that is better suited for regular care.

“Orange” cream — cream “holiday”. To lighten and soften the skin.

The quality of packaging is absolutely identical package pink cream.

It is also a cream with a gel-fluid/emulsion, but it does not contain oils and therefore, in comparison with other creams, its texture is the least dense of all. He also has the most fragrant floral scent of gardenias.

Cream that does not possess any outstanding properties beyond basic moisturizing and softening the skin. As the manufacturer says on the package, fit only for warm weather and hot summer.

No protection from frost and cold, no food, no resistance to soapy water or prolonged and cumulative effect of hydration — nothing. Brightening effect did not either. The only reason I would buy this cream fragrant aroma of gardenias, which I always liked.

Consisting of: glycerin, mineral oil, petrolatum, cetostearyl alcohol, extracts of Gardenia, ginseng, Sophora japonica, urea and collagen.

Term of use: more than a month

Rating: 4. As a super-light moisturizer for the summer beauticians and hands that do not require special care, quite good.

Comparison of textures: 1) cream with sweet almond oil is the dense texture and the highest moisturizing, nourishing, restorative, healing and protective properties. 2) “pink” cream is not as dense in texture like emulsion or the base fluid with moisturizing and nourishing properties. 3) orange cream base fluid with moisturizing and emollient qualities, which is well suited for the summer.

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