The colors of autumn. Galaxy Pink Up gel lacquer # 08

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The Polish I’ll show you today will completely fit in with my autumn mood and slightly softened for me, change of course the weather from summer to autumn, from heat to cold and rain.

So brand Pink Up at the end of summer has released a wonderful collection of varnishes Galaxy, where that is not lacquer, it is a masterpiece. To be ahead is not will, because I plan to show it all, but this beautiful purple-maroon and Golden lacquer in holographic speckled me so much that I decided to devote a separate post.

The tint of the varnish is just a masterpiece (for lack of a better word) — on the nails, it shimmers then purple, then violet, then pours a Golden bronze, while it slightly covered in short — a very difficult mix, but without too much brightness or too much, and holographic flecked here as the “icing on the cake”????. Shade for me, definitely autumn. Lacquer happy with their play and on a rainy day, and under the slanting rays of the autumn sun.

Technical characteristics are at the same height. Lacquer has a very flexible liquid summernow texture, in which the holographic particles are distributed uniformly. Convenient brush allows you to lay it in thin, smooth layers, so it goes without streaks and dries quickly. But we must remember that the mirror finish can highlight all the flaws on your nails so uneven nails prepare to manicure carefully.

In your manicure varnish I applied on naked nails in thin layers, in this case three of them, and covered them with dryer Revlon 960. Look!

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Pleased me and the durability of the varnish wore it for three days and I even the ends of the nails are not jammed. Removed very easily, while the shimmer and tiny for the skin and nails did not cling, in General, behaved obediently, like a regular varnish.

The volume of the vial: 10 ml.

Manufacturer country: Russia.

Price: imagine, for this beauty I ask only 126! Here it is the case that when the varnish is inexpensive is twice as nice.

Rating: 5.

Thank you for your attention.



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