The company Gucci launched a line of lipstick with 36 shades

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Italian brand Gucci zapustila may 4, a new line of lipsticks under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele is an Italian fashion designer, was appointed creative Director of Gucci.

According to WWD, this week in sale collection lipstick 36 colors. It is expected that the series will feature the most vivid colors that hit the Chanel runway in recent seasons: from bold red hues to the incredibly saturated pink. The colors were selected based on diversity and inclusiveness and, of course, according to the manufacturer, will contribute to the expression of the consumer.

“Makeup is something poetic and fleeting that you can add to your face by changing or highlighting something in itself, – said Michele in an interview for WWD. – I find it almost magical language, closely related with other items that I use for expression, such as jewelry and hairstyle. All of these aspects necessary in order to emphasize or highlight some aspect of ourselves, makeup is the most direct and the oldest way that makes it, at the same time, the most exciting”.

“Lipstick is the most beautiful subject that you can find in a handbag – continued the creative Director of Gucci. Is the most exciting, because she always had a wonderful aroma – we did Gucci lipstick with the scent of violets. Lipstick is a funny object, because it resembles crayons, kids paint. Lipstick also symbolizes the world of cinema and all the famous lips of Hollywood.”

Michele explains that he was inspired by the vintage glamour of the fifties, in particular, “Hollywood divas and movie mythology, which first attract attention.” This is reflected in the names of the shades of lipstick from Jean Harlow to Bette Davis.

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With regard to packaging, new tubes of lipstick are gold tones with motifs of art Deco and hints of turquoise and ivory, decorated with pink rosebuds. Common elements for each lipstick Chanel will be gold based.

And this is only the beginning. The release of the first collection of lipstick followed by a series of subsequent launches of makeup. This strategy will enable cosmetics from Gucci to grow steadily in line with the aesthetic of the brand.

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