The cost of failure: Expert Points Noirs from Payot

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Today I want to talk about the remedy for black spots and imperfections Expert Points Noirs Block Pores Unclogging Care from Payot, about how made a mistake when choosing products, and what came of it.

Despite not adolescence, I have periodically appear on the skin “imperfections”: redness, inflammation. And, as a permanent phenomenon, black spots in the center of the chin and nose. Also, I have oily T-zone face.

As day/night care, recently, I began to use a range of Pâte Grise from Payot. Can’t say this is the best means they have their flaws, but this brand I dearly love. However, nobody’s perfect.

Cleanser (gel) Expert Points Noirs I had not planned to buy, moreover, I didn’t even know about the existence of this tool in the line. I originally went to the store for mattifying day cream Payot Matifiante Velours. But no the consultant did not understand or I confused something, and eventually I became the owner of Expert Points Noirs. Looking ahead, I will say that I have never regretted that bought it.

Now, the vehicle Expert Points Noirs is Packed in a cardboard box zaklyucheno in a tube of soft plastic, with a volume of 30 ml. the reverse side contains information about the tool in several languages. The Russian language in the list. Information in Russian is on the cardboard packaging, on a sticker.

The tube is equipped with a convenient spout dispenser, which gives the optimal number of funds. Not leaking.

Texture means a gel, viscous. It doesn’t spread well distributed over the face. Absorbs fast without stickiness and oily Shine on the face invisible.

Aroma: light, grassy and floral, absolutely not sharp, unobtrusive. After applying to the face quickly disappears.

Main active components: the Chilean mint extract, zinc, 3% glycolic acid, an extract of rose hips.

Action: the tool helps quickly and efficiently eliminate various skin imperfections. This drug has a triple action: dissolves excess sebum, deeply cleanses the pores and also promotes a significant decrease in their size. Continuous use of the tool allows you to forget about such problems as black spots, acne, oily sheen.


As I said, the gel Expert Points Noirs I bought wrongly. Only at home I saw that he had purchased not the product that was needed. So, I got my first agent with acids. I did not use such means, was planning to try, but still didn’t work out. Apparently, someone in authority decided that it’s time for me to begin to use tools with acids.

In my opinion, information about the use of fundsspecified in the Russian language are very scarce: “Gel-corrector operates in three directions: cleanses, tightens pores, reduces rashes. Apply morning and evening on problem areas locally or across the T-zone before using conventional means.”.

Not quite true. Start with the fact that this tool is not suitable as day care if you use decorative cosmetics. Now I’ll tell you why.

I started to use the tool as specified in the instructions. Morning and evening after cleansing.

And here arose the first problem: this tool is extremely poorly placed Foundation. No, this tool do not use the product as a day cream line Pâte Grise. But I did not like how looks Expert Points Noirs in makeup. All the peeling, roughness and non-existent wrinkles were emphasized. The Foundation rests is uneven, poorly distributed in the face, though before such problems did not arise.

With all this, if you use gel Expert Points Noirs alone, it looks perfect. Skin velvety, matte finish. All the bumps smooth, no peeling, there is a dampening effect.

Then one more thing: I have gained Expert Points Noir summer respectively, use beginning immediately. As an inexperienced user, I didn’t know that the sun and acids are incompatible. Of course, to read the instructions in English I did not occur. After a couple of days after beginning use, I noticed that I started to get a rash and redness. Have sinned in that I have sensitive skin, and, in this regard, the acid I is contraindicated. Use Expert Points Noir I stopped, the face returned to normal.

However, I did not give rest, what a great tool on the shelf gathering dust. And then I decided to study the manual in English. It the manufacturer stresses the need to comply with safety precautions when using tools with AHA acids (glycolic acid). It was found that the acid cleans the pores, but make the skin more vulnerable, susceptible to UV rays. Skin easier and faster blushes can be sunburn, so before going out it is advisable to use sunscreen.

Realizing, what was the reason of the reaction of my skin, I purchased a product with SPF-filter, and again began to use Expert Points Noir. More such problems with redness and irritation did not arise.

As I wrote above, the gel interacts badly with Foundation. So, I enjoyed them only in cases, when not applied makeup. The rest of the time, I apply it only at night. This use of Expert Points Noir I like more.

After all the stages of cleansing, I wipe the face tonic and apply the gel on the still wet skin. Then wait until the Expert Points Noir absorbed (this usually happens quickly, in just 5 minutes) and close it with a nourishing cream (in my case Much) or oil (I have Clarins Huile Lotus). In the morning the face is fresh, the skin is nourished with moisture, smooth and matte. Inflammation and irritation disappear. If in the evening there was some serious pimple — in the morning he becomes significantly less and less noticeable.

After a month of regular use (daily in the evening, sometimes in the morning), I noticed that reduced the number of blackheads, my skin had an even tone, inflammation have practically ceased to appear, improved skin microrelief. Pores are smaller, though I can’t say that I have very expanded, but it became apparent that they narrowed. In General, the skin began to look healthier and more attractive.

I used the tool for about 5 months and rejoiced as he began to look like my skin. Then it so happened that I had to leave, and Expert Points Noir forgotten at home. After two weeks, the skin returned to its usual state: local inflammation, oily T-zone, I added the black dots.

The flow of money is very economical. It’s been 7 months from the date of purchase, 6 months I use the tool on a daily basis. At this point in the tube remained at about 30% of the gel.


Means I was satisfied. It was my first experience of using acids, and it was positive. Expert Points Noir fully delivers on its promises. The downside, for me personally, was merely that the instruction in Russian does not fully inform the buyer.

Price: 1 695 rubles excluding discounts

Volume: 30 ml.

Period of use: 6 months, daily

Evaluation: 5- (minus instructions)

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