The development of the perfume needs to be transformed


The Swiss company Firmenich announced that the design of the flavors need to be rethought, in order from the beginning, the producers were able to focus on the goals of the brand and conscious consumption. And for that process large amounts of data will play a crucial role.

The company also introduced the process CreateForGood – a different approach to the traditional creation of a perfume, first and foremost stressing the importance of the ultimate goal of the brand and a conscious interaction with the consumer. “The key element that changes in this equation is that the consumer today has become conscious, has certain expectations, leads a particular way of life that really forces us to completely rethink the way of creating fragrances,” said Juliet Sicat-Crewe, Vice President of business development in the field of sustainable development and natural raw materials in the perfume division of Firmenich.

However, according to Mrs. SICOT-Crevet, the beauty industry will continue to influence large-scale digital conversion on the broader consumer market. Therefore, the future design of fragrances should use the vast array of data available on several indicators, including the olfactory needs, consumer preferences and sustainability. “We are able to get much more data and use the data that we’ve collected over the years. And now we have all the algorithms and artificial intelligence, which will increase the performance of our perfumers,” said Juliet.

Traditional perfumers are replaced by robots, instead, they get access to a huge amount of data. For example, thanks to this revised and “expanded” way of working create a personalized and sustainable flavors that are in high demand, is now possible. For example, Firmenich perfumers have access to the system EcoScent Compass, which measures the natural and sustainable properties of the ingredient, and takes into account life cycle analysis and social data.

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In addition to naturalness and sustainability perfume product, modern consumers are much appreciated transparency policy. Consumers already use applications to better understand the flavors and other ingredients in its products, and in the future it will only grow. However, MS SICOT-Crevet focuses on a balance of transparency, which means to make information about the ingredients and products available to users who are not specialists in chemistry or biology.

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