The Diary of Mascara – The Balm What’s Your Type Black Mascara

Frankly, to my shame I have until now not tried anything from the brand The Balm. But many of his sincere love and praise. But I for some reason always avoided these bright cardboard side. Too much information on the box immediately. I guess I still closer ascetic packaging and that’s why I discriminate against… a decent brands.

But I started to “work” on yourself and please — the mascara The Balm today in the blog.

Rounded and slightly pot-bellied bottle of mascara in the black shade is presented in a fun box with a caricature of a bodybuilder. Cute 🙂

Mascara is meant to increase lash volume by type of order, like a bodybuilder builds up his muscles, it looks like this logic 🙂 the Brush is narrow and slightly concave in the middle. The bristles are short and the consistency of the mascara is wet enough. Pronounced smell not.

Generally this product better a little dry, as in the first times of using mascara as if tried to glue the lashes, but not because she’s so nasty, but because too wet, but as soon as it started to dry out, everything fell into place.

The classic black shade yet not the ultra black, which many are looking for. This is not the mascara that creates a false lash effect, or significantly increase the volume. This is a good working version for those who have your lashes basically good. For separating eyelashes brush is not very convenient, I love the more “curvy” options.

I don’t need to increase the length, I just add colors and volume + it is important that the mascara went to my sensitive eyes that can begin to itch after a working day, if the mascara does not suit them.

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With The Balm of the problem there is no itching, but apply it very carefully as it can easily be imprinted on the upper eyelid, but in wet weather, even a little bit smeared under the lower lashes.

Throughout the day the mascara does not crumble, does not spread and, in principle, to behave decently. But the rain is better to avoid it. In the water resistance of the product were not observed. For to ugly-cry at the wedding also choose another option. Can fail.

In makeup

Removed easily, no smears and no turning me into a Panda with black circles under the eyes.

Solo without shadows looks not so expressive as we would like sometimes. For example, a new mascara Nars Climax, which I took to replace The Balm, it looks much better. But about it I will write separately.

What do you like/tried the brand?

Your Nadya

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