The Duchess recommends: 20 best beauty gifts from Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle

Before the New year still a month, but many of us now want a festive mood. For the prudent who have already started to look for gifts, we offer a selection of beauty gifts recommended by most Meghan Markle.

Glowing skin, uncloaked tight end freckles, light natural blush, neat eyebrows and long shiny hair laid in a neat tail — 37-year-old Meghan Markle at the last week meeting with the founders of the community Hubb Community Kitchen looked great (as always). Fans of the Duchess are sure that all the matter in the competent care and tailored beauty means.

The wife of Prince Harry in one of his interviews told me that mom taught her to care for the skin from an early age.

I was 13 years old when mom sent me to treatments for the skin. I felt a little awkward coming into school uniform to a woman named Anika that was put on my face means Yon-Ka and told how important for the skin around the eyes.

In anticipation of the New year, we gathered favorite beauty products Megan Markle time-tested, which will surely be happy to receive a gift every one of us.

Scrub Foaming Polish The Rice Enzyme Powder, Tatcha (4 300 rubles).

The basis of this exfoliating products from the Japanese brand Tatcha’s skin care — rice bran, pearl extracts and papaya, which verniaut the tone and texture of the skin and fight hyperpigmentation. The texture of the products is also quite interesting — white powder when in contact with water turns into a thick creamy foam, similar to whipped cream.

Blush Orgasm Blush, Nars (2 098 RUB)

Nars blush in shade Orgasm considered a cult classic not just. When the brand launched lip balm (from the collection with the provocative slogan “Get more than one”) in the same “orgasmic” shade that sold out in less than a day. Megan told Allure that he first tried this remedy on the TV show “Force majeure” (Suits), but now uses it in everyday life:

He’s good in the frame, and in ordinary life — all thanks to the shimmering particles that give you not only glow, but Shine.

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Mascara Diorshow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara, Dior (about 2 000 RUB.)

Over the years, Dior has released not one mascara, however many admirers of the brand, including the Duchess, prefer the good old Diorshow Iconic. This is the first mascara to lift lashes. Due to the unusual formula, which includes a complex Lift Model, this product is amazing, curls and lengthens.

The Ultra HD Microfinishing powder, Loose Powder, Make Up For Ever (2 300 rubles)

For several years the experts at Make Up For Ever diligently updated their famous line of HD, now it’s Ultra HD. Weightless as a cloud, powder-invisible makeup and threads its durability, and also creates a matte finish. The updated formula was added finely divided silicone and spherical particles of quartz, which in the Duo provides the effect of blur due to the light reflection. Well, as with all HD series, the coating is designed for shooting in high definition (hence the name of the line).

Concealer Touche Eclat Radiant Touch, Yves Saint Laurent (2 260 RUB.)

This tool is consistently in the rankings of the best concealers of all time. Magic brush instantly camouflages signs of fatigue and works as a highlighter, that is radiance.

First, I apply under the eye and in the inner corners of YSL Touche Eclat with reflective particles. I usually use a 2.5 ton, but we choose the tool lighter or darker depending on skin tone Megana and time of year. I recommend to choose a shade of concealer lighter than your skin tone to “highlight” a person

— told the make-up artist wife of Prince Harry.

Brown eyeliner Eye Kohl, M. A. C (835 rubles)

Another very important beauty product in your purse Meghan Markle — eyeliner Eye Kohl from M. A. C in a universal shade Teddy. This bronze-brown pencil, the Duchess uses the internal mucosa of the eyelid to make the eyes more expressive.

Tea tree oil (550 rubles).

Expensive serums Megan prefers tea tree oil, which can be found at any pharmacy. In an interview, the ex-actress said she cannot live without this tool (carries it in a purse):

Believe me, with him I feel calm. You may need it any minute. The drug, which copes with the cuts, insect bites, and even pimples.

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Lipstick Matte Revolution Lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury (1 975 RUB.)

Megan we now hardly see the red lipstick on Protocol (the Protocol), but the Duchess is clearly not rasstraivatsya for this reason. She found the perfect nodoby shade. Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria matte finish thanks to the oil does not dry the lips and easy to apply.

Highlighter, the Living Luminizer, Rms Beauty (2 500 RUB)

Cream highlighter is RMS Living Luminizer in shade Magic — favorite Megan. She loves to use it for shining, slightly damp make-up. The Duchess dabbing it on the high points of the cheekbones and other areas that I want to “highlight”. Most importantly, it will not make you look like a disco ball, even if you’re layering it again and again.

Healing cream Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment, Aquaphor (330 RUB.)

Make-up artist Megan like to use Aquaphor healing ointment as a basis — this tool highlights the skin and gives the correct texture. And it works like a lip balm, a nourishing cream and moisturizer to the cuticle.

Lip balm Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, Fresh (1 700 rubles)

To Megan’s lips were always soft and not scaly, it uses sugar balm from Fresh. The star admitted that the long sought “his only” and among the most expensive, and among the budget. She tried hundreds of different balms, but this is the best.

Oil shower Pure Castile Liquid Soap — Lavender Dr. Bronner’s (1 060 rubles)

This shower gel with lavender Megan fell in love with, as she says, that on the body long floral fragrance.

Primer Radiance Foundation Primer, Laura Mercier (2 978 RUB)

If you just like our heroine, do not like thick Foundation primer-Laura Mercier illuminator is what you need. It gives the skin a slight natural glow due to the fine mother of pearl particles and protects from the sun thanks to the SPF20.

Texturizing spray Dry Texturizing Spray (Limited Edition), Oribe (1 620 RUB.)

On the set of “suits” Meghan often repeated the same trick: put your head down, a couple of zilch, and the hair is instantly lifted at the roots. Texturizing spray from Oribe performs the function of a dry shampoo that absorbs the grease and refreshes hair.

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Foundation treatment is the quintessence of Le Teint Foundation, Chanel (8 950 RUB)

It is not a simple tinted moisturizer, but a cream sheen. Easy creamy emulsion with the effect evens out skin tone, moisturizes and softens the skin. All thanks to the rich composition: vanilla water, diamond powder, synthetic mica and the complex of three vegetable ingredients (glycerin, biosaccharide and phytosqualene).

Fragrance Wild Bluebell Cologne, Jo Malone (3 787 rubles for 30 ml)

Those who prefer a light, fresh and transparent fragrance, will surely enjoy Cologne English brand Jo Malone. Floral Wild Bluebell will embrace you with notes of Bluebell, Lily of the valley and rose hips. Speaking of holiday gift packaging is possible not to worry — every product when you purchase decorate with ribbon and put in a box.

Eye cream The Eye Balm Intense, La Mer (14 000 RUB.)

Have you ever wondered why leather Megan looks so smooth and shining? Celebrity all thanks cream The Eye Balm Intense from La Mer. But whether it is your money, you decide.

Balm Baume de Rose By Terry (3 590 rubles).

Fragrant balm By Terry had often was a hero Instagram-stories Megan (until then, until the account had to be removed).

Mask for dry and very dry hair Nutritive Mask For Dry Thick Hair, Kerastase (3 590 rubles).

In addition to the oils for hair, which provide intensive treatment and Shine, once a week, experts advise to use masks. Favorite Megan — Masquintense from Kerastase brand. Even if you have dry curls at the ends and at the roots, on the contrary, the bold, the mask will make them hydrated, smooth and shiny.

Anti-aging serum Serum, Premier Cru, Caudalie (8 070 RUB.)

The tool is responsible for the synthesis of collagen, restores cellular energy, promising to erase all visible signs of aging. Serum in a pink-gold bottle is instantly absorbed thanks to a weightless texture.

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