The dust lip may displace lipstick

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In a new report on the state of the global cosmetics market indicate that the powder palette for lips currently represent 55% of global sales, and this trend may mean that traditional products for the lips can move to another plan.

And due to the fact that in the period from 2019 to 2027 the world market for powders for lips will increase by an average of 6%, a team of analysts Future Market Insights believes that this additional growth could be the turning point.

Although the demand for powder for lips is a global phenomenon, but in the Asia-Pacific region the trend in decorative cosmetics for lips most relevant, therefore, there was recorded the highest revenue share in the global market. According to representatives of Future Markets, powders for lips have become increasingly popular due to advantages over conventional products, including due to the fact that you can add ingredients such as moisturizing oils and vitamin E.

Advanced formula powders helps create a smooth and durable surface, and also has various aesthetic properties, including matte and glossy effects – all this is difficult to achieve with conventional lipsticks.

This, in turn, creates a much greater choice for consumers, who use the opportunity to gain new and more interesting view of the lip with additional benefits such as lip care. In the list of the most powerful players in the market powder for lips currently include Chanel, Buxom Cosmetics, Clinique, Essence Cosmetics, NYX, L’oreal and Cult Beauty.

Currently, the most well-known forms of powder for lips are the color palette, or grips, but the palette increasingly popular mainly because of convenience and ease of application.

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It is likely that palette lips will continue to grow especially rapidly, which explains its constant innovation in products and improvement in the retail trade and strengthening of distribution channels. But the research group also points to the fact that the dust lip do have limitations, for example, that it is with this type of application is harder to hide physical flaws.

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