The end of summer with autumn collection Givenchy Midnight Skies Collection Fall 2018


This year beauty autumn started for me before. Almost in the middle of summer, came the most interesting, in my opinion, makeup collection — Givenchy Collection Fall Midnight Skies in 2018, of which I chose only two products — eyeliner and nail Polish, although I wanted to buy it entirely, but thank God reason prevailed. Today I invite you to take a closer look at the products I chose.

The name of the collection sends us to the autumn night sky, full of stars and the depths of space. It is not surprising that the main color of the collection was rich, slightly mystical red-maroon, flavored in different products or shimmering holographic particles, or a beautiful radiant shimmer.

Begin my review of liquid eye liner with a vinyl finish.

Givenchy Midnight Skies Vinyl Liner # 7 Red Night.

This is my first eyeliner brand. Pleasantly surprised by the strict aesthetics of the case, but its design is simple: to a lesser half — pot-container with the liner, the second half is a brush.

Initially, I knew that this eyeliner with a brush, and, in principle, not waiting for her miracle, because as lovely as the brush of the Japanese and the Koreans in the pipes does not happen. And so it proved. The brush is not “ice” — is gaining a lot of eyeliner, it is necessary to remove the excess, the tip of it is not slim — so hard to draw, but I gradually adapt.

Liner shade is very complex and insanely beautiful. I describe it as: Bordeaux with beautiful red-brown shimmer nano. The texture is dense, moderately thick, easy to apply. If necessary, can be layering. Line dries very quickly and responds well to correction. In addition krasivogo color of this liner unmatched finish with a metallic glow.

While I was just starting to break in the liner. My first attempt to apply a thin, unfortunately, this brush doesn’t work out, and to bring a thin tail — it is necessary thoroughly to pant heavily.

Further — more! Easier, but tails is the real trouble(((

Autumn hasn’t started yet, and I’m happy to wear this eyeliner.

And finally a little about the durability of the liner. In the store, I could not understand how it is persistent. On the hand she stubbornly refused to dry and smudged easily even after a few minutes, so I was afraid for the resistance on the eyelid. But no, it keeps eyeliner perfect all day, not smear, does not crack, does not crumble. But I must say that I have a normal eyelid and problems with vitality it never happens, but how it will behave on oily eyelids — I don’t know. If you want to buy, testite inherently it carefully.

Volume: 3 ml.

Country of origin: France.

Price: 1725 RUB.

Rating: 5 — (minus uncomfortable for me the brush)

Givenchy Le Vernis Midnight Skies # 11 Cosmic Night.

Surprisingly, and lacquer, as well as eyeliner, was my first lacquer brand. Surely you already know that recently the brand has replaced its entire line of nail — improved the formula, updated the packaging. Now the bottle has a modern and very stylish look.

And of course the brush! Lac provided excellent brush. For my nails are flat “blades” is the most convenient.

The color perfectly fits into the concept of the collection. Gorgeous shade of Burgundy with Golden shimmer — it is so beautiful I see next autumn. It so happened that my mood coincided with designers Givenchy, that’s why I could not pass up this Polish.

On the technical side of lacquer, I will write only in enthusiastic tones. The texture is excellent! Thick, very dense, plastic. The varnish is easily applied in a single layer, not thin, not puzyrit falls evenly and dries quickly. Very pleased with the durability. Usually lucky luxury stay on my nails very long (1-2 days), and then in the store I tried the Polish on one nail and it lasted on it for already 5 days, only slightly rubbed edge. But to be fair, in the future, manicure, applied in a single layer on all the nails, in its original form lived for 3 days, on 4th day, on the working right hand, was a little cleave. Despite this, I think this resistance is just great, the nail Polish I applied without base and top in a single layer. By the way, pay attention to its beautiful satin finish without unwanted Shine and how amazing it looks in the sun))

And in the end of my post a little comparison Givenchy Le Vernis Midnight Skies # 11 Cosmic Night with two OPI polishes from the famous “German” collection.

Everyone thinks that Cosmic Night similar to Octoberfest (he left), but it seems to me that German-Icure (right). To be precise, it is something in between these polishes.

The volume of the vial: 10 ml.

Country of origin: France.

Price: 1350 RUB

Rating: 5

Thank you for your attention.



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