The European Union amends the regulations on the use of hair dyes

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Products for hair coloring have allergic potential, which is reflected in the packaging of some hair dyes in the UK and the European Union. Recent studies show that the number of consumers who may have allergic reactions increased.

Hair dye – an affordable and easy way to change your appearance and try something new. However, these cosmetic products are subject to strict legislative framework worldwide and should be safe to use. In fact, certain hair dyes, for example, contains phenylendiamine, have a higher risk of allergies associated with their use.

The EU has a system of labeling products for hair coloring. This year, the European Commission extended the list of warnings that should be required to be located on the packaging of hair dyes, adding to the list, which was compiled in 2009.

• Hair dyes can cause serious allergic reactions.

• Read the instructions and follow them.

• This product is not intended for use by persons under the age of 16.

• Temporary tattoo “black henna” may increase the risk of Allergy.

• Do not paint your hair if:
– have a rash on your face or sensitive, irritated and damaged scalp;
– have you ever experienced any reaction after coloring your hair;
in the past you have experienced a reaction to temporary tattoo “black henna”.

Warnings for products intended for colouring of hair which includes any oxidation dyes or substances fall under the definition of strong or super-strong sensitizers.

Manufacturers oxidative hair colorants beyond the scope of this labelling, recommending to test for an allergic reaction every time before users fully will cause a product for dyeing hair. Test to detect allergies can be done in several different ways. For example, two components can be mixed before application and applied behind the ear or on the forearm; although it has been suggested that an agreed testing Protocol can improve the experience of using such products by consumers.

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To explore the concept of an agreed Protocol, manufacturers of hair dyes for several years conducted research in different countries-EU members. It showed the importance of the test to assess the possibilities of developing allergies on an inconspicuous area of skin, not the entire head. The study also showed that the location for applying the sample is almost irrelevant, since the result is further interpreted by the consumer and evaluated by a dermatologist.

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