The experts identified the level of safety of natural and synthetic ingredients

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An independent scientific organization of the CIR (Expert group on the review test cosmetic ingredients) has a list of priority ingredients for learning. In 2019, scientists interested in the frequency of use of a wide range of ingredients – from honey, which is contained in 949 products, to the olive leaf extract (257 products).

Although these herbal ingredients like extracts, often mean safety for some consumers, most developers realize that there is nothing more secure in the production of chemicals from natural sources than from synthetic. For example, you may find that after a full safety assessment of all natural extract from the root of a plant Cicuta maculata is completely harmless, but it can’t be used as a cosmetic ingredient. The reason is simple: Cicuta maculata taxonomic name of water Hemlock, one of the deadliest plants in the world.

Consequently, the implementation of a thorough safety assessment of the ingredients are Botanical or plant origin is as important as checking the safety of any other ingredient.

At its meeting in December 2018, the expert group published CIR final report on the three ingredients based on metilksantina, declaring them all safe. In particular, the experts came to the conclusion that caffeine, theobromine and theophylline safe in cosmetics in accordance with the current practice of use and concentration described in the safety assessment.

However, the ingredient theobromine, many consumers may find toxic, based on ideas about the chemical element bromine, which under certain conditions exhibits the toxicity. However, in addition to the name, theobromine does not contain bromine absolutely no. Theobromine and other methylxanthines in the report CIR is a group of bicyclic organic molecules containing only carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Indeed, these ingredients are completely natural and organic, is usually obtained from coffee beans and cocoa beans.

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The CIR panel of experts have carefully studied the safety of these ingredients, including relevant Toxicological and toxicokinetic parameters, such as skin penetration, metabolism, systemic toxicity, toxicity to development and reproduction (DART), genotoxicity, Carcinogenicity and the so-called local effects – irritation and sensitization. Although there were some contradictory results of studies concerning the genotoxicity, positive results were erroneous.

The main criterion for experts is the number used ingredient. And the maximum possible dose of these ingredients in normal use of the cosmetic product significantly below that which may cause harm to the consumer.

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