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Good day, dear girls!

Today I want to tell you about one very interesting one from the latest release of Course, which is perfect for evening, new year’s including makeup. Glow of the starry sky and incredible texture in one little jar

The line of shadows Melted Chrome came out this fall, only 6 shades, my dark, red and 4 different light. All shades are very shiny, true metallic.

The most remarkable thing about them is the texture. If you are familiar with the shadows-washers Colorpop — they are similar. But of Course even more soft, like cream and thus remain dry shadows. When pressed, pressed, like softened butter, almost never recover.

Shelf life after opening is very small — 6 months. I think that this is due to polyremedy texture. And I hope shadow will live longer, because for six months I did not end even basic shades, which are used every day.

Unfortunately, my shade was the most unsuccessful in terms of pigmentation andthe transfer of the product to the skin. He even finger applied with difficulty. Bright colors are typed as real molten metal, although, judging by the reviews, on the eyelid is transferred is also not very simple.

This drawback is evident even in the tester, but I decided that I would be able to tame the shadows. To try the range so wanted, and the other shades I did not fit or were counterparts.

Shade of purple-gray-blue, with a huge number of silver particles. The starry sky!

Be sure to put on a sticky base and layering, otherwise it will be mud.

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The colour is a rich, dark, sparkling. I wear it almost solo, with the shading in the skin tone. You can add eyeliner and darken the outer corner a matte shadow.

artificial lighting

Resistance is also small. I have greasy lids, use a base more for the brightness of makeup. After about 5-6 hours the shadows started to slide. If the database is aimed to increase durability of makeup, will probably show the best results.

But there is a nice nuance, when the shadows are easy to correct with your finger. I have in the photo is just makeup after 4 hours socks, which started to slide into the eyelid fold. I put on some eyeshadow on your finger and have updated it for a minute.

4,5$цена7/10оценка3 of the month, 1P/metallomesogen skin Type: Normal skin, without any problems

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