The final Project Pan: results in nearly 14 months

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So, the day has come, the day when I am getting results from my Grand venture. The end of the year as anything, contributes to the desire to summarize.

The beginning and previous updates here:


The First Update

Second Update

All who are interested, I ask under kat.

I started this project in November of last year, and after a year, decided to extend it until the New year. The new year has not yet come, but it remains so small that we can safely take stock.

To extend it I decided to finish before the end of several tools pozostawic me and does not want to end.

All year I collected all I’ve ended with several goals. First, we want to encourage and motivate yourself. Because when you finish the tool and throw it, then quickly forget that it ever happened. And then always have visual confirmation that it is moving. Second — I was wondering how many I can finish in a year, thus you can simultaneously appreciate how even with all my inventory.

For starters, look at what managed to finish from last time.

Greatest achievement — I finally finished off the balm Lucas Papaw. Somewhere in October I was sure that because of the tube did not squeeze out. But then I cut it and found that the tools inside the well, and a lot of it remnants I used until Dec.

Cream Natura Bisse one is still alive, the second used fully.

Mask Natura Bisse. The Bank in many places you can see the bottom, but it will suffice long enough. The mask is great, I’ll finish it anyway, since I have now permanently in the focus of attention.

In General, the current situation is leaving me almost satisfied. I finished almost all of my hand creams. There was only one full-sized cream. So I allowed myself to buy one baby and one full size during sales. But to use them will begin only after you finish the last. Actually this year I didn’t buy any lip balm, no cream for the body. Buy more serums, creams and tonics, but I have still a reasonable amount, so I guess that’s okay, because their volumes are standard, and therefore do not have to wait almost a year, when at least one.

Now, to decorative cosmetics.

Here a good situation.

One of the reasons why I continued the project, was that I really wanted to finish highlighter Bobbi Brown and boast an empty package. Unfortunately, descreste to the end it failed, but it left such an insignificant amount that it is even hurt. If I didn’t travel for work (did not dare to take, just crashed in the suitcase), I would have finished it, because the feelings of the money was left for two weeks, max three. But I think you still can check my result.???? This is the first highlighter that I have done in my life.☝

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Next year I expect a mass Exodus from my collection of pencils for the lips, because there were these kids-short stacks, even insulting. At least I focus on a couple, they’d gone from the collection.

So, now will show their pacifiers. Let’s start with care.

Had to lay on the floor)

So I have over 40 products:

  • 5 eye patches
  • 2 foam cleanser and one hydrophilic oil.
  • 1 micellar water and a lotion for removing makeup.
  • 2 tonic
  • 5 sera
  • 4 masks
  • 1 eye mask
  • 2 eye cream
  • 6 creams for hands
  • 2 lip balm
  • 4 body cream
  • 2 packs of 10 sheet masks.
  • 2 perfume
  • Results overall I’m happy. A couple of categories normalized completely (hand cream and foam cleanser), the others also become closer to normal.

    Now decorative cosmetics

    So, my dummy in this category, 38 pieces, 4 pieces thrown away because spoiled.

  • 2 base under mascara
  • 2 databases for face
  • 1 illuminiser
  • 3 Foundation
  • 2 concealer
  • 2 base under the shade
  • 1 base under concealer
  • 1 lip pencil
  • 1 spray for fixation
  • 4 eyeliner
  • 3 glitter
  • 5 lipsticks
  • 2 lip pencil
  • 1 highlighter
  • 4 product thrown away because it was impossible already to use it.

    175 samples. In General, very much I liked to travel with them on business trips and vacation)

    Well, traditionally, progress on some products:

    Bronzer Bobbi BrownHighlighter Bobbi Brown

    So I wanted to boast a completely clean refil ????, but a little bit did not, but still consider it ended.

    Beginning of year end of year

    One refil peripersonal, and he left almost a week.

    Now let’s talk about the conclusions that I made from my Project Pan:

  • The majority of funds end up much longer than I thought at the beginning of the project. This is especially true of powder products: blush, military, bronzer. Also I was surprised creams. Before I was sure that they are enough for 3-4 months, but in real life it turned out that at least 6.
  • I like variety, so my makeup bag will never be one lipstick and one eyeshadow palette. Depending on my mood, I like to use a variety of means, in this case, they bring me joy.
  • You need to allow yourself to buy things that are very long are in the list “hotelok”. There will be no regrets about the purchase and use will be a pleasure. And it also helps not to waste.
  • Linked with the previous one — no need to buy in the moment. In this case the experience comes the greatest disappointment in the purchase, because this kind of shopping is done most often at the time of sales and in the trash greetsa all necessary and unnecessary, if only it had a discount.
  • I feel satisfied that I’ve used the product not only in the moment when I fully finished it, but when funds are a little less than half.
  • Today I am on Project Pan finished, at least in the form that he was in me all this year. Go to the suggested me in the previous post Shop my stash. In this case, I really don’t feel that I’m bored, and the collection will be in constant use. But I will continue to keep statistics in Excel, this will help me not to get out of line.
  • I could finish more if you made the right choice, but overall I’m happy with the results.
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    After my more than one year of experiment, dare to give your advice to those who will decide on this event.

  • If you have decided on a year-long project, then pick up a set of tools with varying degrees of use. It is desirable that at least a couple of them were heavily used. Because the first two months of the project the most difficult, the first “dummy” will help you keep motivated.
  • For a long term project take the funds that will come to you at any time of the year. It is better not to add “winter” blush or “summer” lipsticks, exotic color eye shadow, etc… They will lie most of the time you idle and irritate by the lack of progress. If you really want, you better do a seasonal project for 3-4 months.
  • In the case of the annual draft pick means, especially for decorative cosmetics, which you like, in the worst case, cosmetics in which you are still undecided, you like it or not. But then again, by all means do not have to be.
  • Never draft more than one blush, highlighter and bronzer (only if one of them is on its last legs). Even the miniatures if they are well compacted, over a very long time. If you add a lot of powdery funds, then very quickly disappointed by the lack of progress. The same applies to lipsticks. Most of the lipsticks in stick over a very long time, so if you want to add a few, take at least half used.
  • If you like the shadows, and constantly change them, select the palette where there is a good basic shades that can be applied on all the immovable eyelid and in the crease and focus on them. In this case you have them, will likely be finished and when you will be able to change palettes in daily make-up at will.
  • All funds from the project it is better to combine in one box/container and keep close at hand, in this case, the probability that something will fall out of focus almost equal to zero.
  • Better to take funds in a transparent tube. If not, I advise you to weigh them on the scales of household, and note. In this case, the business will go more cheerfully.
  • Mark your progress as in the photo and on the tubes, it is very supportive.
  • Collect the empties in the course of the project, it is also very motivating, especially after the lapse of more than six months.
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    Even among the Youtube videos about Project Pan I came across an interesting series. Three girls were doing a series called “How many years of blushes/eyeshadow/lipsticks I have?/How old blush/eyeshadow/lipsticks do I have?”. The fact that their girlfriend working in a lab, having in its composition high-precision scales, conducted the study and led the average consumption in grams of different types of products. The results were collated into a file and uploaded to Google drive. The rollers were separate, first blush, then eye shadow, etc. And each roller was attached to a separate file. I downloaded them and brought in single file, moving along oz in a more native grams. For those who are interested, post it here, you can take and do their own research. ???? Just say that the numbers even if these conditions are still approximate, because the products of different compressed, have different pigmentation and we apply them in different ways. But to estimate the order of numbers is still possible.

    First you need to fill in the table with their means and in one of the columns to indicate the weight of product in grams. You can then enter the number of times a week, and when you apply makeup, eyeshadow is also a number of shades that you use within the makeup. After that you get a amount of years, how have your stocks.

    In the table I left the weight of those brands that I have, I hope, it will simplify the entry of data ????. The link to Share in the comments how many you have turned ????, I am very interested.

    I went a little further: to count how many pieces you can use for the year from each category in my level of consumption. Got this picture:

  • Creams: BB cream Missha (20 ml) and full-size Power Fabric.
  • Colourpop Concealer, Armani, Make Up For Ever.
  • Powder Make Up For Ever (miniature), full-size pressed powder Hourglass.
  • Blush Nars Orgasm with their current level of use.
  • Bronzer Hoola.
  • 2 palette Anastasia Beverly Hills (I’m right in the doubt of large, although product in a bit).
  • 3 lipstick.
  • Little, right?

    Well that’s all, in conclusion, I want to thank everyone who supported me, gave valuable advice and kept me company.????

    Happy New year! Hope to see you soon!❤

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