The first disappointment from the Belarusians – toning gel for eyebrows-a Very Fix&Color tone 03

If you fail, miserably… My worst disappointment in a long time.

Recently I wrote how I like the brand Very pleased and that I am delighted with everything I bought. Apparently, nothing is perfect, and today I will show you my worst disappointment in a long time — toning gel for eyebrows-a Very Fix&Color tone 03.

To admit, I wasn’t expecting — and grade checked, and read the positive reviews on this tool. A brown-grey shade, perfect for my eyebrows. Color gel fully corresponds to the color of the packaging.

The long brush like mascara. In my opinion, the eyebrow should have done it 2 times in short, because this is difficult to apply the gel carefully.

Despite the presence of the limiter, the better it still is typed in a large enough amount of gel. Its consistency is thick, the gel gives a rich color. And here arises the first problem — it is impossible to evenly and gently distribute the eyebrow brush. Where is the concentration of gel that is almost there, with the result that the eyebrows become patchy. I decided to experiment and tried to paint the eyebrows, removing the usual beveled bone gel with a brush. Because the gel is very rich in color, it turned out that it can be used as a fondant for the eyebrows, but the result was again, to put it mildly, a failure. I didn’t even properly draw the shape of the eyebrows. First, the gel is poorly placed on the skin, hardly even distributed with a brush. Second, it looks like some dry lumps, like gel stale, although the expiry date is still very far away. In General, no matter how I tried, to sense from it a zero.

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My eyebrow without any makeup on:

Photo of gel is it’s native brush, I decided not to do because it looks on the eyebrows really badly. Will show what happened after the problems with the brush, but I apologize because this photo is also quite unsightly(( well, the truth as it is:

Price — 170 p.

Rating — 0.

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