The first magnetic false eyelashes in Russia: Essence Lash On, Lash Off

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I want to tell you about the new Essence is the false eyelashes that don’t require glue!

If you’ve been interested in the news of the beauty world, you probably know that the idea is not new! In 2016, the company One Two cosmetics presented One Two Lash who at the beginning of the sale was $ 69 dollars for a set of 2 pairs of different sizes. Red dots-this is the magnets are located in the middle of each ribbon.

The second market was the Ardell lashes, in as little as 8 dollars. Here the magnets are already attached at the edges!

Now on the Russian market came even cheaper option-cilia Essence of the firm, which cost about 550 rubles! We don’t need glue, the eyelashes can be used many times, it’s great!

Thus, we consider our experimental closer. In a set of 4 tapes, 2 on each eye. Very nice that the manufacturer specifies which eyelashes of the upper and which lower, since initially nothing is clear.

As I later realized, the top sash has a horizontal magnet on the inner side and the lower on the outer (logic, huh).

And here are mingled eyelashes, perfectly straight, exactly “imploded”.

See, magnets are joined at the edges and in the middle is a lot of space (not will it to move natural lashes?).

Instruction manual shows exactly how to use lashes: you need to put the upper part on top of the natural lashes, to bring the lower feed roll and the magnets on the edges. For removing you just need to gently pull the lashes sideways.

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Will start drawing!

I must say, it turned out to be much harder than in the picture!

As you can see, my biggest problem was that I couldn’t apply false lashes close enough to the eyelid. The first attempt was absolutely disastrous, false eyelashes were hanging right from the middle of the natural and it was simply disastrous! Here, I’ve gotten good at it, it’s one of the best attempts.

Side view, of course, super weird.

Despite the fact that I paid them not that perfect, sit false lashes is pretty neat, but visible gap with natural (despite the fact that my eyelashes dyed with ink).

I tried to attach the lashes on the edge, perhaps cost is closer to the center? Sticking false eyelashes exactly in the middle of my eye, I faced a problem that the magnet captures the natural and forms 2 “the camp” in my eyes – to one side are super smooth overhead, and the other sticking out in all directions natural.

Compare eyes with and without false eyelashes, the difference is huge. Which eye you like better?

No glue required;
Can be used many times;
Very easy to remove;Cons
Not very easy to apply;
Very heavy.

I will honestly tell you that to apply these lashes is a test. Moreover, the difficulty in applying a magnetic lashes arose not only at me (I almost never wear false eyelashes, professional ease hands do not have), but super popular beauty bloggers such as Tati Westbrook and Sofia Nygaard. Both girls tested the cilia of the company One Two Lash, but the logic of applying the same brands, there is even a bit simpler since there is only 1 magnet (in the middle of the ciliated band), and Essence 2. Probably, if to use such a lash often, you can learn how to quickly apply them, but me and bloggers, the first more or less decent application took about 15-20 minutes. My second dissatisfaction lies in the fact that because of the rather large magnets these lashes are very heavy (probably can be used, but weigh less than conventional overhead).

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Of the positive I liked that the lashes are easily removable, it takes about 1 second, my natural lashes will not be harmed! Also a huge plus is the relative safety in comparison with ordinary cilia (once once the glue in my eyes, I immediately lost the desire to wear false eyelashes to even out).

Oh and another plus is the price to 545 rubles and almost complete indestructibility probability of eyelashes!

You like overhead magnetic lashes? Would like to try these yourself?


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