The first makeover in 2019

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Hi! Summing up in 2018 I think about favorite colors, which are often used in makeup or just sunk into the soul and left a lasting impression.

Of course my favorite palette consists of a collection Inspired Sigil.

I love green and of course in search of the beautiful colors I chose from this range.

And decided to make first makeover in the new year paying tribute to one of Pets — Tailed Beast. The color that came out in the beginning of the year and no one was able to surpass.

Tailed Beast in the middle

After applying the base (Bella Pierre) on podrobnee space big fluffy brush to apply color is Filled with Tranquility. It will serve us for a soft introduction of subsequent colors.

Next, build the form the darkest colour is a predator.

Predator solo

Then the border on the eyelid blend color Keeper and tie the color of a predator.

Keeper solo

Then laid an extra layer of base (NYX Pigments primer) and apply a fresh layer of color Tailed Beast (on top) and Honey (bottom) and the same color tie to the previous (the Keeper).

Sweetie solo

The logic of building from dark to light (area). This scheme can successfully pull the eye if to shade the outer part of the area to the temple.

Further, the shaded outer border, add light — a Member without a Key in the internal area,

A member without a key solo. One of my favorite colors for the 2018

and shadow — a Black Cat in the outer corner of the lashes.

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Black kajal lining helps even more to pull the eye, but if you carefully work out the shadow from the eyelashes, it is possible and without it.

NYX blush Ombre blush “soft flush”

The highlighter shade Art Visage 120

Bronzer from NYX

On lips NYX liquid suede Sandstorm

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