The first of its kind. Hydrophilic balm from Organic Kitchen and blogger Adele (Donttouchmyface)

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The last time the acclaimed series Kitchen Organic from the Organic Shop began to produce the means collaborative production with various bloggers. The first tool in the line became hydrophilic balm, created together with the author of the blog Donttouchmyface Adele Miftahova. Today, about it and speech)

To whom interesting, I ask under kat.

Hydrophilic balm (oil) cleanser and makeup remover Don’t touch my face / Organic Kitchen (Organic Shop)

Despite the growing popularity of hydrophilic oils, this tool was first tested me. Looking ahead, I will say that it was an exact hit, and then I don’t want to try any other products ????

But all in order)

Packaging the balm standard for medium series Organic kitchen — 100 ml Bank of soft plastic with hinged lid. It’s not the most hygienic option, but given that the tool I use in the shower already, of course, clean hands, it is not so critical and essential.

Unlike classic funds is a nice gold color of the jar. Everything else, as always: product information located on the bottom of the jar.

The present composition of the whole 7 types of oils: sunflower, jojoba, grapeseed, almond, sea buckthorn, orange oil and grapefruit — it is important to pay attention to those whose skin reacts to oil.

The consistency of the balm as comfortable as possible. Resembles whipped, moderately thick oil that melts in contact with skin.

Very nice and soft smell of citrus.

Due to its texture, the oil is very economical in consumption. I have enough little peas for a full washing. It is important not to overdo it with the tool, especially if you plan to remove the makeup with eyes — may cause mild discomfort and hard to slip away.

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I especially want to mention the fact that the author of this tool Adele warns that the tool may not be suitable for all areas around the eyes. I, fortunately, came up, and my eyes feel comfortable)

Use conditioner as follows: gaining a small amount, rubbed in my hands and rubbing dry face, especially focusing on the area around the eyes. After the wash water (or wet towel).

Upon contact with water, the oil becomes quite liquid, and rinse it very simple.

Before it is possible to remove the bulk of makeup with micellar water or lotion.

Sometimes after using the foam, but the balm is easily removed without additional tools.

With its main functions, the balm works. Easily and efficiently removes dirt, and makeup (the only thing that can wash away the “not” is perhaps the ink).

After use skin is clean and most importantly for me, soft and hydrated. None of the dryness that I had to get used to using Korean cleanser. Also, after the balm on the skin, there is no film that is also very good.

I am the owner of combination skin with oily areas (forehead and t-zone). Format oil was a bit afraid — they often provoke the appearance of podnosnikow and excessive sebum. But luckily, this balm so sinneth not) the Skin is clean, the Shine appears later than usual. For those who have dry skin also would be a great boon.

Hopes that the make-up remover and cleanser will make the skin better, I don’t hold out for a couple years, so for me it is important that the tool is doing its job and the skin condition is not harmful.

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In General, the balm loved for its convenient format, comfortable use and an excellent result.

To buy at the moment you can only use the offline stores Organic Shop.

Period of use: 3 months

Price: 250 rubles

Rating: 5 ❤

Thanks for reading, I hope my post useful for you.

Your Alexander ❤

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