The First Stage Christmas Flash Mob – Secret Santa

Cristmas ideas

Offer You to take part in the game “Secret Santa”!

In my last post, about 35 people have expressed a desire to participate in the flashmob, so let’s make this a reality!

Terms and conditions:

  • You are an active member of the community. ( last comment not later this month, stable comments at least once a month. If you have one comment a year, then unfortunately you cannot participate )
  • You are a writer. Not to be in the hall of sessions of the mutiny that readers again cheated, join. One post is enough.
  • You are willing to spend time and money to participate! This is very important, think before participating (the cat gave birth, broke a leg, went to join her grandmother in the village without Internet be anathema).
  • The value of the gift — 1500 rubles, or $ 20 (if you want to exceed, but not to reduce). Because we are in the cosmetic forum gifts should be cosmetic issues. Chocolate is not a gift, as the card is an add — on. Also, the exchange may not participate Hand-Made as the main gift.

How does this happen?

1. All of the participants write me your address in PM, thus buying from me your personal number. And don’t forget to tell Santa about yourself (in this topic)

2. The main Elf (I) accidentally lays out all the addresses in pairs. How he does this remains a mystery. This way assigns each of his Elf Secret Santa. (5 Dec)

3. After receiving the number, the Elves and Santa’s send each other parcels and do not forget to send the main Elf send a check!

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4. Going on a secret gift exchange. At this time, the head Elf sees to it that the parcel received by everyone. Will be created a separate post where you can tell what you got and brag.

How do I participate?

It’s very simple. To 5 Dec (inclusive) You should write your address to me in private messages with him to Express their willingness or not to Express — to send abroad.

Taking part remember — for someone you will be a Secret Santa and have to give little time to search the gift and sending it.

What to give the person who does not know?

In this post, each participant writes a short description about yourself and your interests.

“For example, my name is Nastya. I live in Vladivostok. Love to read psychological drama, watch romantic comedies. Prefer care from Korea, skin is dry. Favorite decorative brand — Guerlain. Coffee lover. Allergic to chocolate don’t like cats.”

Santa advises you to carefully read and choose for someone, but not that you liked it.

Who pays for shipping? Sender. Remember, your gift will also be paid for your Secret Santa.

When you need to send? It is desirable to calculate to come for the New year or Christmas.

What deer to send? Affordable and convenient for you.

Do I need to confirm sending? Yes. Take a picture of receipt / invoice / envelope where you can see the recipient, the sender and the invoice number. Please send this photo to your personal Elf in a personal message. It requires that Santa was sure gifts get all.

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This educational program is finished :))Send your address in a PM, write in this topic about yourself!

Happy holidays, everybody,


Wish from the previous post ( note you to not missed)





























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