The first that caught the eye and under the eye. Patches Bioaqua gold osmanthus

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Always looked at the patches as some means of emergency assistance. In my eyes this justified their cost, you can’t every day that he want under his eyes. Long thought that it is not necessary that I am too young and fresh to it, but eventually curiosity overcame common sense. I made another hasty purchase, which at first I was very disappointed and then quite the opposite.

Brand Bioaqua relatively young and comes from China. So I totally shamelessly ordered the patches in the Chinese online store. These patches had very good reviews, many laudatory odes, so I showered, and patches fell in the basket.

They came to me in a beautiful box, where the English text seemed to come from google translate. As you discomfort? But overall thank you at least method of application and precautions translated into English.

The contents of the box promises to solve all my problems (even those that are not), podglaznye area will be immediately hydrated, nourished, supple, and generally all the friends were dead from envy!

Composition decide not to move. What’s in those patches… my dear, good guess himself. But, thank goodness, technology is not standing still, so about the composition becomes clear with the help of an interpreter. If you want to laugh, then read the text.

Perhaps, in third place in the alcohol, but I’m not very sure, because the reference to “malonic alcohol” I don’t found, only malonic acid and esters, which, in principle, not so bad for content cosmetics, such as alcohols. The main ingredient on which the emphasis isosmanthus flowers but not simple, and gold. In China, this plant is brewed into tea and used in all sorts of medicated lotions, ointments. Long live the Chinese medicine!

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Well, I got to the jars. She a volume of approximately 200ml, plastic, transparent, lid, Unscrew the top.

Under the lid was a foil, which I’ve cynically tore.

Also included were pincetich. It is very cute and comfortable, although it is, of course, the most simple and deshmansky.

And here is the patches. I guess I should have the whole ball joint to place carefully to the entire eye, pushing the lashes into the slot, my Lord, I write, and most funny. But I just cut the patch into two semicircles and use under the eyes. And Yes, they are fabric. Surprise!

In a jar of 80 patches. This means that 40 times, you can either lie down with roundels on the eyes, or 80 times to walk with the halves under your eyes. Given the cost of the jar, is a direct gift almost!

Liquid within half jars. But this is not enough. Even a bit too much.

In the serum of floating clumps of flowers of osmanthus. Very romantic! Myself serum the clear, yellowish liquid but quite viscous. If desired, before use, the jar can flip over to soak the top of the patches, but I have enough of impregnation, which zapiraetsya to the upper layers through a capillary moisture. Thank physics!

When I received the patches and opened the jar, it was a fiasco. I do not like the smell, I just wanted the window to start transmission immediately. Right so the smell of nasty Chinese ointment. But I took myself in hand, I stick the patches under the eyes and endured. And to stand apart from the smell I had and the fact that they are constantly slipping down the rivers of impregnation of the serum that flowed down my face. Eventually I freaked out, removed the box away in a drawer and forgotten. In further revisions, I came across these patches, from the memories of the smell eye started twitching, but I stoically opened the jar. That’s something you do with the smell I got, or the smell of weathered, but patches stopped to piss me off a stench. I immediately planted them and lo and behold! they will not spread, but remained chubby and vladenie. Since that day, I became friends with them and sometimes use mood.

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What on the effects. No, the WOW effect they have, go by. But the skin under the eyes patches really nourish and moisturize, leaving behind a very pleasant feeling tight and supple skin. With dark circles, they did not fight, though, and promise. I tried to store them in the refrigerator, but no, the bruises and swelling they do not. So for me it is rather very much the history that nourishes and moisturizes the skin, but before the ball will not save the situation, and Cinderella into a Princess will not turn.

Compare them with any other patches of course, I won’t, because more than these, nothing came to my polglaze, but overall I’m pleased, although I expected more. Will continue the search!

Well, at the end of the post, here’s a photo Ahmatovoj mouse patches that happy weekend day!

530₽цена7/10оценка3 of the month, 1P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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