The founder of the Bulldog made the forecast for the development of men’s cosmetics in 2019

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Bulldog Skincare is one of the fastest growing men’s brands in skin care in the UK. Its founder, Simon Duffy, has shared his forecasts for the market of men’s cosmetics in 2019, which include the growing popularity of vegan products and a variety of everything.

It should be noted that Bulldog is committed to remain at the forefront of the market, introducing innovations and actively working on the promotion of their products in other countries. For example, Bulldog intends in two years to reach 10% of the cosmetic market in France.

Only this year the brand managed to launch a number of new products: environmentally friendly packaging made from sugar language, razors with handles made from natural bamboo and also anti-aging cosmetics Age Defence, which involves targeted effects of the products.

It is not surprising that the brand owner knows the characteristics of the market of men’s cosmetics. in particular, according to Mr. Duffy, 2017 was the year of the peak of the popularity of beards, in 2018 back the fashion for clean-shaven men, however, 2019 will be the year of diversity in any combination.

This conclusion is based on the fashion shows season spring-summer of 2019. For example, stylists from Dolce & Gabbana bet on a twisted up moustache, Giorgio Armani – on a short thick beard, and other trademarks preferred the clean-shaven face. Thus, in the future will benefit brands offering cosmetic products that support any style.

Vegan beauty will continue to be important trend and will be a real breakthrough in the industry worldwide. According to a recent message of BBC, veganism is the fastest growing movement in the UK. Therefore, for cosmetic brands it is important to consider this nuance. In addition to vegan products consumers are constantly looking for natural ingredients that have reliable data to confirm their effectiveness. Mr. Duffy did not forget to note that all Bulldog products are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.

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Men’s beauty industry will be more attention to products of cyclic maintenance. This is due to a number of scientific tests in which scientists have proved that there is a relationship between the biological clock and the condition of the skin. The natural human cycles, such as circadian rhythm, and for women the menstrual cycle, giving brands the opportunity to sell products that benefit the skin, depending on the rhythms.

Circadian rhythms is the 24 – hour cycle of physical changes that affect the skin. In connection with this fact, the owner of the British company-the manufacturer suggests that brands release more night creams and will focus on protection from ultraviolet radiation.

An important component of the future development of the cosmetics industry is “sustainable packaging”. Brands will start to look environmentally friendly alternative to wet wipes and facial masks. Will continue to grow negative reaction to the use of conventional plastics in cosmetic procedures.

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