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Line of Rouge Dior Rouge Ultra I bought three lipsticks. Two of them have been addressed in previous post, and now I decided to show the third. It is now time for her, at least in the South. The leaves barely starting to turn yellow, warm as summer, but no heat, like warm colors, not bright coral, and scarlet, wine and other deep autumn – the ideal time for Rouge Dior Rouge Ultra 450 Ultra Lively.

Of course, when getting acquainted with a new line of lipsticks Ultra Lively not immediately evident, as caused a stir and Ultra Spice Ultra Trouble or bright coral. However, I wanted to take a warm lipstick is quieter than the Ultra or Ultra Spice Trouble, and my choice fell on a Ultra 450 Lively.

Peach with rogovenko – so I mentally set the color of the lipstick at the time of purchase. Immediately after the purchase I read about it a couple of reviews – one as a warm peach shade with pink lobes, the second – how about a pink lipstick with a neutral undertone and with care in peach depending on the lighting. And one of the most authoritative sources describes the lipstick as a warm pale coral with an orange undertone.

Let’s take a look!

Do not stop separately on packaging and boxes – all already said and shown.

Packing and the end face of the box with the title:

Lipstick in stick under different lighting conditions – maybe look brighter, maybe dimmer:

The most reliable color reproduction under neutral daylight:

Here I took in the sticks near Ultra Lively (left) and Ultra Spice (right). It is clear that they are very different, just to show how Lively Ultra lighter:

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Swatch of the lipstick in different lighting.

In the shade:

In the sun:

The finish of the lipstick is not very shiny, closer to satin.

And here I made a comparative Swatch I don’t know if it will be informative. Because of the “nomadic” lifestyle, not all lipstick with me here and now. And relatively similar lipsticks from the peach scales are in the other apartment. So compared with the dull, who have at hand at the moment.

From left to right:

Givenchy Le Rouge 103 Brun Createur

Rouge Dior Rouge Ultra 450 Ultra Lively

YSL Tatouage Couture 16 Nude Emblem

Dior Rouge Dior Paris 458

What I understood through comparison:

– Ultra Lively quite dim compared to other lipsticks, which is considered Ludovisi, it is lighter than them. Especially bright it looks in the neighborhood YSL Tatouage Couture Nude 16 Emblem, the latter literally drowns out the Ultra brightness and Lively red undertone.

— Ultra Lively can not be attributed to pink color scheme – even if solo, there’s something in pink in the shade emerges in comparison with her Dior Rouge Dior Paris 458 is perceived as a pure pink, and Ultra Lively neighborhood of Paris loses any hint of rogovenko and looks pure redhead.

Closer all of them to Ultra Lively is Givenchy Le Rouge 103 Brun Createur, it is believed that the similarity of these lipsticks — 90%, but I think much less. Brun Createur is more pink it is cooler and brighter than Ultra Lively, but is it brighter as you write?

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Look at the Ultra Lively on the lips.

In the shade:

In the sun:

Penumbra closer:

The finish of the lipstick is not the shining, closer to satin.

Lipstick lies for nodovoy not the worst way, but in the light you can see imperfections in the coating. And the contour of the lower lip, again slightly greased hair sticking to my lipstick, the color bands on the face does not leave, but the loop can break.

However, compared to the Trouble Ultra and Ultra Spice Ultra Lively seemed a little more resistant. My dry lips it is absorbed better.

Here’s the lipstick in the evening light, after coffee and cake (eating carefully) – gangbusters:

I will continue to show in the images.

In the room near the window with natural indirect light:

And here successfully captured complete care in red in the room not in the sun very often lipstick looks that way, keep in mind just in case in terms of compatibility with the clothing – in salestax when buying it is difficult to anticipate:

Wanted to say – “now let’s go to the garden of rustling leaves,” but they still don’t think it will fall.

Still, by the calendar autumn, and one red sheet found:

Conclusion: Ultra Lively should appeal to fans of warm peach newdow, without a care in the noticeable pink. However, in certain lights, lipstick can look great even peach and orange raspalennoe.

Weight: 3,2 g

Country of origin: France

Price: 2680 RUB without the discount, the VIP card 2010 RUB

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Rating: previous I gave a 4 for behavior on the lips and 5 color. Here the color is not as clearly visible as the previous couple, but the color can not be better or worse for it can not remove the points. So the end result or 4+ or 5-as someone more like it.

All Sunny and warm Indian summer and good mood!

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