The holiday comes to us with butter Eclat Minute from Clarins

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Famous oil lip gloss Eclat Minute from Clarins in the shade 09 red berry glam of Christmas collection won me over with its festive and beautiful for the new year sequin desirable as ever) Well, berry flavor finally bowed in the direction of buying:)

I think the butter package look familiar to many is a simple rectangular box.

And of course, everybody is familiar with this mega-sponge)) I Know that for many it is inconvenient to use, but I am not experiencing any difficulties when applying.

One thing I wonder — why is this shape sponge in my head, I have one Association — a soft cat’s paw)))

Oil capacity — 7 ml, made in France.

I really liked the flavor of this oil is sweet, sugary berries — most clearly I feel the currants.

But most of all, of course it did, this explosion of glitter in the tube:

The oil has a translucent red berry color with gold sparkles in the composition.

Unfortunately, the same holiday on the lips should not be expected…

Sequins, Hello, where are you?))) Where’s the party?))

But the effect on lips I really like — a kind of glossy candy — oil gives a slight tint of color and makes my forever putrid bluish lips like a human.

But the worst situation happened when I decided not to give up and layering the oil harder in order to try to achieve a festive sparkling effect.

Oil just fell asleep in all the crevices..(

Any high resistance to wait of course, not worth it — about an hour-two lips is going glossy effect and they remain slightly damp. Some mega-care I do not see — in the winter, you may want to choose something more nutritious, but I have no problems with the lip there, so the health properties of this oil is enough for me.

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If you want the lips to obtain the same effect as in the tube — you do not need to look in the direction of this oil, but if you like the translucent effect is good, the product itself is not bad, but see for yourself how it behaves when you try layering.

Price: 1850 without discounts.

Rating: 4 — for the disappointed expectations:(

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