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Good day!

I like this holiday since the early years of its thematic focus, and the ability to wear a suit. I never understood the costumes of monsters, corpses and other vermin. But the costumes of fairytale characters, heroes of movies and books, historical characters is super. This year I decided to try the image in the style of 30s and to share with you:

In order to make it clear that you are from the 30s, it is sufficient to add a few details. Makeup is not in strict accordance with the era, but as the way. Both adapted to modernity, and yet immediately understandable period.

Consider the makeup.

This makeup features a white porcelain face, thin threads eyebrows round shape, red lips and bright expressive eyes.

What can we apply in practice? Eyebrow threads can only afford those who draw those eyebrows with a zero. In all other cases, the eyebrows will have to keep in pristine condition. But the light tone, red lips and bright eyes I can afford everything.

So, I keep eyebrows in their usual form:

On the upper eyelid apply database ZAO, on the bottom put concealer Mac fix it with powder eyeshadow by Laura Mercier .

Outline form:

Use the shade:

Outline the shape on the lower eyelid:

Next, take a mosaic Atelier 22 (color 1,2,3,4,5 from left to right):

3 color paint in the crease and rip on the contour:

Color 2 make a smooth otesevo on the edge:

Fill shadows mobile eyelid and deepen the area of color 5:

Next, take the shade:

They put on a mobile eyelid:

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Then add 1 color to the inner corner of eyes and under eyebrow:

Add arrow:

And complete eyelashes. Eyelashes preferably overhead or thickly painted surround:

I use the tone Estee Lauder 2c1. Correction done using palettes correctors Mac. Highlighter Mac. And definitely red lips. Due to the contrast of the face will look even whiter.

Our make-up ready.

A few words about the hairstyle. At that time, the most current hairstyle was Bob. Without this hairstyle, you will be hard to identify. Definitely parted on one side! Direct did not wear. How to create a caret on the long hair. Very simple. We wound all of the hair from the roots with a Curling iron. Be sure to twist all the strands in the same direction! Or the waves fail. Wait 3-5 minutes to let the curls cool and comb comb. A little podesavam. Fix varnish. Divide the hair into 3 parts and gently tighten them with a roller inside and fix invisible. I found this video:

It is really guaranteed. I did so (my hair is straight to the waist). Our image is ready:

How can we complement that?

1.Beads. Long beads to match to along

2.Tights mesh

3.Long gloves

4.Marabou or Cape


6.Glowe headband or turban

Our image is ready????

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