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My absolute favorite among the clips is the All Nighter spray from UD he is really concrete holding makeup but after seeing it on sale this stuff… I just couldn’t resist buying! Here’s a impulsive purchase, unfounded in anything other than “Hochukushat!!!” I had the latch Clarins Fix’ Make-Up Long-Lasting Make Up Hold.

The first thing that attracted me is its appearance. Massive glass bottle, hideously reminiscent of perfume.

A little attention to detail:

Dispenser-the dispenser is also firmly associated me with the theme of the perfume.

This dispenser is amazing! He really spray a weightless cloud lock — no drops on the face, no powerful jet hitting the eyes)

Honestly — I really tried to get in the frame of this fine haze, but psicom five times and getting no result, I decided that it was too wasteful use of funds)

But a special delight caused me to have a flavor of this lock… It’s just bliss!

I’m not a master of painting of flavors, but when you apply this lock, my mind is clear picture a rose Bud in the dew, which is barely touched by the rays of the rising dawn is still quite cool and fresh, the grass is covered with dew, waking birds, and hovers around a delicate floral aroma…

I’m not a particular fan of rose scent, but the odor — translucent, like a distant and watery captivated me with its unobtrusive and pink freshness. The aroma can only be heard during the spraying — on the face of it completely disappears.

When applied on the face of the retainer does not create any unpleasant feelings of tightness and feelings sbryzgivaniya facial hair — the manufacturer declares it as a fixer, but the moisturizing spray. The first thing I see is classically the effect of propylesoste. I use only dry textures when applying makeup, so the problem is backtrack hairy peach very meaningful to me) if This clip collects all of the layers together, connects them together.

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Sorry no photos my camera is not able to capture the effect that I see in the mirror:(

But with the main aim — fixing makeup — he’s already not fairing as well. No, it fixes the makeup, but not so firmly, as claimed — it is alas, all day my makeup is not going through. But not swimming early in the day as it happens without it!

Summary: for me, this impulsive buying has suddenly become a daily basis a good assistant in daily makeup. As a rule, on a permanent basis I don’t need concrete fixing of makeup, and with extended durability for about half a day this tool copes on my skin. Well, and — Oh, gods! for this fragrance I’m willing just to sell the soul!

Price: 1800 rubles without discounts. On sale took over 900 p.

Volume: 50 ml.

Skin type: combination, prone to fat.

Rating: 5-

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