The legendary liquid eye shadow Eye Tint by Giorgio Armani shade 8 Flannel

Good day, today will talk about another liquid shadows from Giorgio Armani, but on a cold duochrome the shade for six months to use it and I can say that I have an affair with him.

This is not the first liquid eye shadow of this brand in my collection, the quality is again at the highest level, they’re more suitable for cold seasons, as in summer with tanned skin look a bit weird, now I wear them almost every day, fascinated by the overflow. The texture of the product unchanged, lightweight, medium coverage that can be layered to dense, inside you can see very fine shimmer, but it is delicate, calling no effect.

I put the shade on a clean eyelid using applicator, which offers brand and then the ring finger shade border for a more striking effect, you can only add wait until the previous dry. What can you say about durability, so it is great, I have all kept well, maybe a little podscasts in the heat after 8 hours, is not critical, in cold weather may not descend, it all depends on climate and body temperature.

caused by applikatoromhave Restorefile, 1 layer1 layer in a warm light

One of the advantages of liquid eye shadow by Giorgio Armani is a comfort because when worn, they do not feel, as though you are completely naked with age, Yes, the price is high, but I have never seen such a product, which will lie a beautiful delicate veil, look delicately, “expensive-rich”, easy to use, stable, so I’m ready to buy again and again. Washed off without any effort, regular cleanser, the gel will clean easily.

Great light daily makeup.

Of course I recommend these shadows, I tried many, there is nothing to compare, in my collection of 4 shades, and I will continue to add to this number.

Rating 5

2182 price (with discount card)

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