The lethal dose of hydration with Moisturizing cream prolongation youth Hydra-Filler from Filorga


It just so happened that I always had bad luck with moisturizing products on my skin they could be only 2 States: either “under” or “pen”. And if the stage of cleansing, toning, I have had misfires, but they could be quickly offset by searching for matching products, on the part of the moisture – the eternal problem of the search of “his” money. However, it was not until recently until I met a Moisturizing cream prolongation youth HYDRA-FILLER Pro-Youth Moisturizer Care from the French brand Filorga, because, according to the promises, he is able to moisturize and nourish sensitive and dehydrated skin to fill and smooth out wrinkles and most importantly skin will get a lethal dose of hyaluronic acid.



The cream is in plastic soft tube, metal, shade, placed in a cardboard box. The tube is made very high quality: a rather long, daily use, it has not lost its shape, the letters are not worn, no creases from frequent extrusions are not formed. Appearance of the tube remains neat and the way it was acquired.

The applicator is a very thin nose, which gives out exactly as much product as needed, excess cream it does not accumulate.

The cover is also very tiny (as in ointment), but the problems with it arose – opens/closes without a problem, the thread does not even think to fly.

✔ Texture

Lightest creamy texture that is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film, gives a slightly moist finish.

the cream is absorbed

The structure

✔ Perfume

Floral, absolutely not cloying and artificial. The aroma is bright enough, but even as a lover of everything floral, it doesn’t seem nasty. On the face not felt.

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✔ Volume

I have a version of 30 ml, is available also the version of larger (50 ml), but already in a different format.


The use of + results

I have combination, dehydrated skin, oily T zone, enlarged pores and black dots, you may also experience peeling on my chin and lips, rashes appear, but very rarely. If several days miss the stage of hydration – immediately react nose, and chin, appearance of the peeling, in winter even crust to form. Leather certainly whimsical, but it is possible and necessary 🙂 the cream-filler use daily morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. Apply the cream quite liberally on face and neck, sparing him. With such a weightless texture, I don’t feel the presence of the cream on himself, the more is absorbed in seconds, leaving behind a pleasant, light and healthy glow.

I applied the cream HYDRA-FILLER from Filogra

Feel like the skin is filled with moisture and breathes, it does not seem overloaded and peremetnoe. Even after a few hours of the cream on the skin does not appear absolutely no Shine T-zone remains in excellent condition, nose and forehead are not even going to Shine.

cream HYDRA-FILLER after a couple of hours on the face

The cream also like to apply as a base under makeup: it excellent glide and sit tone, CC creams. An important advantage to note the fact that the cream does not cause inflammation and blackheads, which in the heat for me was especially important.

And what about filling and smoothing of wrinkles?

I have rather actively began to show wrinkles, so I really wanted to cream in some way has contributed to their smoothing. As a result, I can say that wrinkles become less noticeable visually, they certainly will not disappear, but it looks more neat. I basically none of the cream (about the patches do not say anything) under the eye did not give such serious and visible moisturizing than the cream — filler, I’m afraid to imagine what, then, is capable of profiling the cream 🙂

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The normal consumption of the cream – I use it a month and a half and nothing will not achieve it, despite the fact that it is not absolutely save.



Cream HYDRA-FILLER I am infinitely happy, because with it, my skin can be moisturised and nourished, looking healthy and beautiful. No problems with the application, the behavior of the cream never arose – I really don’t feel it on the face, but can feel and see the results. Used it in active heat, and with the arrival of autumn and the cold cream does its job, but I’m afraid for winter it will be a bit weak.

Period of use: every morning and evening for six weeks.

Cost: 1344 roubles for the action

Rating: 5 +

Thank you 🙂


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