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New post about another lipstick-Tinto from the collection of unusual animals ????

Some time ago I told you about his acquaintance with the two shades in this series: become mermaizing 03, 04 take it flamencool. I was very curious to meet timtom who is himself the stick even more interesting color. This frog I caught for a long time and accidentally I met online in the sale… and could not pass up.

So, today’s hero — lipstick-tint the flamingo Essence kiss lipstick in the shade 01 Switch to fairytale princess.

The production is located in Poland, weight 4,8 gram: long enough (judging by the previous shades of Tinta in this series). The bottle is a standard plastic, it is painted particle names — frog with a crown 🙂

By itself, the stick is already very original rich green color. To my regret, stick the lipstick as if chopped off, sometimes you have to try to accurately draw the border of the lips. There is the smell, very light and pleasant, fades quickly.

Tint reveals its color almost immediately. By the way, the manufacturer reports on the lid of the tube that the shade will depend on the pH of the person. To verify these promises I tried it on myself and on my mother, and as a result, we have the same pH levels, or it just attracts advertising:) the Shades on both of us look the same.

The photo on the left is just done, right after just a couple of minutes

To remove this tint with the lip only possible with the help of a two-phase liquid, or micellar water (but you’ll have to RUB more).

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Resistance to the lips worthy — 1.5 hours with absolutely no changes, even with a wet sheen, then the humidity starts to fade, but the color remains for 3-4 hours. It seemed to me that the pigment in the Tinto eating into the very most the surface of the lips.

Let’s see how it looks on the lips. My lips are very pale, natural shade, the left upper lip just painted, photo to the right is the upper lip is painted for more than two minutes ago, and the lower just.

Well, in this picture a few minutes after a uniform coloration of the lips. The color is very nice and gentle, not calling, and the finish is wet.

Lipstick on the macro photo looks brighter, but it is because of this close proximity of the lens.

Green stick — pink lips. Magic 🙂

Price: 120 roubles.

Rating: 5.

Well, for comparison, today’s tint-hero with his fellow series.

From left to right just like in the photo above. Appearance look very similar but if you look closely, the differences in shades noticeable.

Yes, in my collection the entire series of these natural, but it so happened that I fell in love with the tone with which I began — 03 become mermaizing. The purple shade that it gives my lips the nicest one for me. Have you tried these formula? What did you like most?

And Yes, according to the Essence website, absolutely new tint Kiss the black sheep in a black shade. Well… will look for ????

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