The long-awaited and forgotten. Givenchy Matissime Powder Foundation 13 Mat Satin

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Do you have this — really want to buy something from cosmetics, perhaps even something specific. You, anticipating the pleasure of choosing and buying, run to the store, choose, purchase and… after a couple of times, leave the product lying around?

So I have happened with this powder. Do not know for what specific reason, whether for everyday wear products a lot, whether she powder not too impressed, although the product is good. Anyway, I got it recently and decided to write the same post already.

A few words about the packaging say, although I like to describe it. Here like it for its practicality — powder is latched to the magnet. The case is stylish, nice and small. Would be ideal for the handbag, if not for my need for spf. How will my Missha with spf50, perhaps, after all, it will be time for this.

The powder is matte, and I actually chose it for these reasons. Covering her weak, it almost does not hide anything and does not align. Shade 13, not very bright, but not saharny.

Here show coverage. I know that we have no black spots, but I have no red crayons, so I show on the black, just so you can see the translucency of the powder.

Well, actually that’s matte finish immediately after application.

After some time, did not take pictures, just words to say. Powder is not particularly strong in the frosting. Immediately after application gives a good effect, “seats” all the products together makes a finished appearance to the makeup. But the battery is weak, lasts literally 3 hours and I’m not talking about the heat so much-she stayed in air-conditioned cool room. After a few hours I used a napkin. Powder Inisfree keeps matting about 6 hours, so for me it’s a favorite. But that without shade, Givenchy still more complete powder makeup.

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In General, the powder is good, nice and stylish) But is not very effective. Still makeup in the Suite do not always equal quality and guaranteed effect. As with any cosmetics, there are good and bad products.
Do you have product categories like the Suite? Me lip products as I tried it, most liked it.

Price: withdrawn from sale? Bought for 1500 RUB like.
Rating: 4

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