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The description of this scent I went long enough. Why? I fell in love with him immediately, feeling his purebred animal life. However, the reviews online were quite ignorant and I’m embarrassed… I’ve lived with this fragrance for more than a year, finished one bottle and started on the next: not disappointed, ocharovyvat again and again — so finally I present to you the Turbulence Turbulences of the famous Fashion House of Louis Vuitton.

In the twenties of the twentieth century the brand has released flavors. Don’t know anything about them. After a long break, the House adopts the decision on the new perfume launch, which will be a contemporary expression of the client Louis Vuitton. Such an ambitious and difficult task was set before the star and the incomparable Jacques Cavalier, who, having received carte Blanche, and has created seven fragrances. At the moment there are already more.

The problem was posed really serious. Grasp the realization, Cavalier decided to create a perfume that reveals the character traits of the owner of the more intimate, the choice of one bottle of the seven have very much to say about the owner. “I am convinced that the spirits just have once again become a luxury, so …. no harsh top notes. Need to surprise, but not shock” (quote from an interview with a perfumer)

With the scents in this series so far — they sound at once harmonious, played by the orchestra, and this music is incredibly beautiful.

“Turbulences — a tribute to the fresh gardens in the French commune of CABRI, where they grow Jasmine and tuberose. This vial Jacques Cavalier wanted to “fit” the night conversation in the same garden with his father who was fascinated by the drug combination of colors” — information the official press release.

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To describe it, it is not difficult. It is unusual, it is not creamy tuberose, at the sharp peak of flowering. Right from the start, it sounds with hard worn skin. Of this skin is impregnated with doing saddles for horses, harnesses, such, probably, was expensive leather boots at the beginning of the last century. There’s no intelligent suede, no gentle warmth of leather handbags. Only tough squeaky saddle with a touch of toxicity of creosote. And somewhere lush bushes blossom, night Jasmine, piercing cold, bathed in moonlight. Amazing tuberose — it is the same as in nature. Not in spirits and not in the interpretations, and in the tropical garden and the scent of her mixed with the smells of the night.

Leather-Jasmine-tuberose, tuberose-leather-Jasmin… live turbulence, turbulence, flashes these three notes are of unlimited variety. The aroma tells of nights on the animal, an ancient instinct. However, all this is on the sensations. And externally — perfectly matched clothing, soft fine fabrics, self-control and endless self-confidence well-mannered aristocrat.

Turbulence — a fragrance with a tetchy Arab horse — glides, a proud elegant fit small heads, thin legs of a thoroughbred and the blazing fire of the Eastern heart, He would not adjust, he or will take you and you happen to love, or simply will not admit to themselves

Met negative reviews about this fragrance, which amounts to that he is handsome but uninteresting. And he’s not trying to attract attention, not shocking, quietly confident — the one to whom it is intended — will appreciate and love.

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To play the soul sax — a rare skill. In my opinion, Jacques Cavalier created seven (now, actually, more) emotional and beautiful stories for Louis Vuitton. stories that can lead to dream, to cry with longing and dawn with rebel soul. Remain exquisitely calm and balanced appearance.

The uncluttered bottle, made in the form of pharmaceutical bottles, black cover tube to the magnet. The only decoration is the logo. The bottle can be filled again, which is convenient in terms of price.

Belongs to the group of Oriental floral, but I would call it a floral leather.

Released in 2016, the perfumer Jacques Cavallier

Notes: tuberose, Jasmine, leather, Monoi oil (pyramid taken on the official website)

Durability of 10 hours and above, the plume at the distance of half a meter hear clearly.

Fascinated by his beauty…

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