The love of fabric flavors! My small collection Uermi

It turned out that I have accumulated a small collection of fragrances UERMI, I did not notice that my very first Washi ended and in its place came not even one flavor, but four. Totally different and very deep in sound, they might as well replace all the other flavors and stay forever on the perfume shelf. This is my perfume, the scent is certain times of the year and today I’ll talk about my winter, spring, summer and autumn! Familiar with them for over 2 years and still every time I discover their new, previously unexplored, directions.

Of all the selective fragrances, I believe that Uermi unusual design: simple cardboard boxes, but the attention and want to touch them. Inside each box there is a small piece of cloth that matches the name of the fragrance. Unusual approach, I appreciated!

Toilet water NO ± Suede UerMi

Maybe let’s start with winter? Stringy, smoky and even a gross flavor I’d never tried in the warmer time of the year. He literally screams, asserting itself as soon as gets on the skin and remains for several days on clothing. This fragrance has repeatedly responded Eastern men showered me with compliments and asked what scent on me. Last time when I made a compliment, we stood at the checkout with her husband in the wine room and ran up to me with the question, having asked forgiveness from my men, “What is this flavor?”

Somehow instinctively I pull out the suede coat and long boots, stockings, I have long flowing hair and lipstick-wine color — this is the only way your hand reaches for Suede and kind of want to, as always, pour yourself from head to toe, but I understand that suffocate it and only a couple of applications tolerate me in a cloud of leather, tobacco and suede. What’s warm (in a good way), he reveals to me!

Recently I got ollivant Salvatore Ferragamo Incense Suede, I long compared and tried to understand what they like and how they differ. I understand that Feragamo choking me even out of the tube, I don’t like that it was close to the skin and I don’t want him to feel in the loop, so ollivant quickly moved on the shelf to her husband, for it is a real peasant flavor.

Group: leather

Volume: 75 ml

Term of use: about a year

Rating: 5

Pyramid: notes of saffron, plum, Lily of the valley, guacomole wood, leather and suede.

Price: +- 10000 rubles

Eau de Parfum OH ± Denim UerMi

Tuberose is a very dangerous flower that in the right concentration can deceive, but more often it is disgusting. I love this fragrance it under jeans, I have a lot of clothes of that fabric, there are a few different dresses, are shirt. Anyway, this scent is one solid denim.

This fragrance tuberose sticky, cloying, too sweet, I would even say that it is intolerable. She got me hooked, she’s like a Narcotic flower in Excelo, I want to turn the head (and maybe even mountains) to smell it again.

And Yes, beware before applying this scent on the clothes. After two or three washing you will still feel the Denim yourself, no matter how you tried to get rid of it. For such a boring motive that it can alienate others, I eventually put 4 points, it will be a fair assessment, in my opinion.

Pyramid: Ambergris, pink pepper, oak moss, neroli, musk, ylang-ylang, patchouli, vanilla, tuberose.

Group: Sprawie, floral.

Price: +- 10000 rubles

Volume: 75 ml

Rating: 4

Testing period: approximately 8 months

Eau de Parfum Uermi UR ± Silk

Just a couple of days ago, I suddenly realized, what he is like in the top notes, when it gets on my skin. He is gentle, a little creamy, a copy of the Diptyque Philosykos, which I also wrote.. I stubbornly ignored the figs, only felt lilac and musk, and there you sailed. Got the figs at the moment when he was not asked!

It seems to me that he himself started because of the cold time of year, because when I had Silk in travel format, I actively used it in the summer and on my hot skin, I felt a gentle musk the bouquet of freshly picked lilacs.

Love Silk, but if the choice is between him and Washi, I Washi definitely choose!

If I had to compare this line with the seasons, the Silk goes to the summer, as we explained above, in the summer I like it much more than cool weather.

Price: +- 10000 rubles

Rating: 4

Term test: more than a year

Group: floral

Notes: Cedar, Mandarin, Cypress, Grapefruit, Caraway, Neroli, Musk, Fig, Iris, Lilac

Eau de Parfum VE±Velvet UERMI

With the Velvet I know not so long ago, previously there was also a travel format of about 7.5 ml. Now I don’t even understand how were able to decide on a bottle, still, sometimes the mind disconnects specifically in the choice of perfume. He is a good, no, it is beautiful and unique with its spicy and cold at the same time, but alas, it’s not my flavor. Increasingly I am moving it on a shelf to her husband, and she will reach for Suede and Corduroy — he is intelligent and cool, like a true Brit. So I prefer to attribute this flavor to the autumn category, he will be a match for a raincoat and galoshes.

On my skin it is a typical noble masculine fragrance consisting of citrus and patchouli.

Rating: 4

Group: spicy, woody

Pyramid: Cardamom, Peppermint, Elemi, Citrus, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedar

Price: +- 10000 rubles

Testing period: six months

I — Vita, me on “You” 😊

And you are familiar with the collection UerMi? Please share your experience!

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