The main trends 2020 in the cosmetics packaging

Research company Mintel announced that the packaging industry of beauty products this year will be dominated by two major trends – Recycling Curve and In-store Refill.

The essence of the Recycling Curve is that packaging manufacturers should continue to develop and commercialize innovations in the field of packaging suitable for recycling, even if opportunities for recycling new materials does not yet exist.

In-store Refill involves the re-use of packaging when filling cosmetics right in the store. The rapid growth in the number of independent shops selling goods without packaging, forcing retailers across the industry to think about how to create a simple but at the same time, branded and attractive opportunities for replenishment of cosmetics in the store.

Director of packaging Mintel Global David Luttenberger said: “Disposable plastic will exist for many decades As the part of plastic waste is actually recycled, there is an urgent need to explore technologies that are currently “technically” recyclable, and to develop alternatives for plastics is not only disposable, but also for all other types of plastics and packaging. Time is of the essence. These new technologies should be developed today, before new materials will need to be disposed of. But next-generation technology – it’s just small pieces of the larger equation that will help to resolve the crisis of waste and recycling”.

According to Mr. Luttenberger approach “to reduce waste, reuse, recycle” is not universal. Hard to start to process, if users have previously not recalled “put” the package in the appropriate bin. The solution is to cosmetic brands, manufacturers, representatives of the packaging industry, government and non-profit organizations working in the field of environmental protection, worked as a whole to better inform consumers, develop more easily recyclable packaging and create the perfect system for the collection and recycling processes.

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Mintel analysts believe that regardless of the material used, the next phase of a cyclical economy is clearly focused on reusability, and recyclable. Due to the fact that “single use” currently is a toxic phrase for many customers, reusable packaging is becoming more widely known and used. But without packaging, which serves as one of the main channels of communication of the brands with consumers, branding can be a difficult task. Thus, brands should strive to offer an unforgettable experience through re-filling to improve the interaction of consumers with the brand.

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