The main trends in the beauty industry, presented at MakeUp In New York 2019


Last weeks in new York, USA, held an exhibition of MakeUp In New York 2019, for which the international packaging manufacturers and cosmetic accessories, as well as other market players, showcased their latest and most innovative solutions for the experts in the field of cosmetics and personal care products.

One of the main trends of the exhibition eco-products. In particular, APR Packaging Inc. global supplier specializing in packaging, presented perhaps the largest selection of environmentally friendly packaging options. Tom Lee, senior Vice President of APR Packaging Group, showed the design of the packaging is made of biodegradable resin, the collection of packaging from bamboo, a line of cardboard, and a unique, patented technology of wooden package with a living hinge. Container for colour cosmetics made entirely of wood, without using glue, his print was done with water-based inks. Complements the design of the packaging is a unique flexible hinge.

Vice President, sales and marketing of Sea Cliff Beauty Rod Vilencia presented line package made of a material based on sugar cane. According to him, “in this exhibition, people look at eco-solution… and that will happen with the packaging after using the product”.

Innovations in cosmetic applicators were also in demand. So, Kindu Packing company, based in China, has introduced an innovative alternative designs of the applicator with a tapered tip, which is normally used for coloring the lips, means to care for lips and concealers. New applicator Kindu Packing in form and features similar to its predecessor, but is a single textured material, and applying cosmetics occurs through a single injection of a substance.

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The company Asquan Group, in collaboration with Pylote developed brushes-applicators for mascara, destroying bacteria-filled ceramic microspheres. New technology is on the way to the revolutionary production of materials in various industries. And representatives Pylote claim that microspheres of companies are already successfully used in the pharmaceutical to eliminate the need for preservative ingredients in some products for eye therapy.

Experts note that particularly popular modular makeup. For example, the trademark Cosmei presented modular design of the pencil consisting of multiple products, called Un-Deux-Trois. Beauty and Roberts demonstrated the numerous connected makeup in the modules round, square and heptagonal design.

The interest of consumers as the packaging is reusable, and to compositions with small amounts of preservatives or none at all, put the packaging in a deadlock. But the company Yonwoo hopes to find a solution, choosing a vacuum filling. The essence of this solution is that a certain part of the packaging is thrown away or requires special cleaning. However, when using the vacuum pump for cosmetic products these drawbacks are eliminated.

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