The market of face masks on the rise

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According to a new report from Persistence Market Research, by 2026, the sale of face masks around the world will bring revenue of nearly 10.5 billion U.S. dollars. The company’s experts claim that the performance of the global market of face masks, which today are considered to be high in the future will be simply “stunning”.

Market analysts have identified 10 factors that contribute to the dynamic development of the market in this category of skin funds.

1. Facial masks have become popular among older persons, providing the space to innovate products using new ingredients and formulas.

2. Men began to use masks for the face, which allowed this segment of the market to develop dynamically.

3. Demand for products that provide anti-aging effects, directly affects the global market for facial masks, contributing to its growth and development

4. Approval by celebrities of face masks, in particular, selfies with masks on the face, helped turn these products into a popular trend in social networks.

5. The convenience and portability of the facial masks have become extremely popular among urban consumers.

6. Facial masks containing natural ingredients including honey, aloe Vera and plant extracts is desirable for middle-class consumers seeking to maintain a higher lifestyle.

7. The modern trading system – supermarkets and hypermarkets – is the dominant channel of sales of face masks.

8. It is expected that the exfoliating mask will remain the leading product, income-generating market, followed by a cream mask and clay mask.

9. Sales of sheet masks and masks with warm oils will exhibit a relatively fast development to 2026.

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10. The Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan (APEJ) will continue to dominate the global market facial masks, occupying more than 80% of its volume.

In addition, the report States that the development of multi-purpose products designed to combat sagging skin, spots, wrinkles and pores, is on the rise. It also indicates that the tubes are the preferred choice of packaging for sheet masks, but sales of cans and bottles, these products will be extended up to 2026.

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