The most common mistakes when shaving legs

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Most women shave their legs several times a week or even more often. But not always doing it right. If you are concerned about cuts, ingrown hairs, inflamed pores and other such problems, worth checking out – whether you use a razor.

You start shaving as soon as go into the bath.

Of course, you want to cope with unpleasant procedures calmly and take a shower. But if you want to avoid micro traumas and softening unwanted hair, allow the skin to steam for at least 15 minutes.

You shave first up and then down.

First you need to shave hair in the direction of hair growth down. Only then can you begin to shave hair in the opposite direction. If you are the owner of sensitive skin should not shave the hair from the bottom up.

You use disposable machines.

Sometimes it’s very convenient. But if you use the razor constantly, it is better to choose the machine with multiple options. Thus, the process will be less to injure the skin.

You rarely change the blade.

At the first sign of irritation after shaving you should immediately change the machine or the blade. Otherwise, you will not only be able to get rid of hairs efficiently, but you run the risk of infection, and also injure the skin.

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