The most effective oil against hair loss

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One of the best products is considered a vegetable fat from the seeds of the argan tree. They only grow in Morocco and it was there that produce the precious oil to strengthen the hair.

70 percent of the argan oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids. The product is also rich sotanala, alpha spinasterol, vitamin E, sterols and other unique substances and microelements.

Argan oil has a beneficial effect on the saturation of the hair with vitamins and nutrients, stimulates cell renewal, protects the body from bacterial and fungal infections, antiserum follicles, improves microcirculation of blood and lymph in the tissues. And, importantly – it strengthens the follicles, normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminates dandruff, accelerates hair growth and restores the lipid exchange, and the strands become much thicker.

It is most efficient to use the oil in pure form and apply it before shampooing. Make a five-minute scalp massage with oil, apply it over the entire length and leave for half an hour until it is absorbed. If treatments are regular, then after a month you will see positive results.

In addition, you can use multi-part mask with oils for hair loss, they enhance and accelerate the action of vegetable fats.

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