The most interesting trends in manicures that you can use in the fall

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Most girls prefer to experiment with nail Polish in the summer, but the fall is beginning to “shy”. In this article we propose to dispel the myth that in the fall the bright colors are inappropriate.

Even at this time of year, you can afford to cover not only dark, noble colors, but also bright such as red, pink, gold, blue, and others of that ilk.

Of course, in first place in the fall remain lucky dark tones. But to your nails won’t look so boring, try to make the coating a metallic effect, or use the lucky “chameleons”, “cat’s eye”. Such coatings gorgeous shimmer in different lighting.

Accents. Even in the autumn manicure can be an interesting detail. But – most two fingers. Ideally, use a neutral base – nutovoy or pastel shades. But the pictures and other accents should be bright, so the contrast was noticeable.

Forty-crow. Best friends girls-diamonds. If you love shiny things, use crystals and stones – are they still in the trend. The main thing – do not overdo it.

Animal print. Animal themes fall very important. Snakeskin and leopard patterns are the place to be not only clothes, but also in the manicure.

And of course, the classic French will remain relevant in the fall. But the protruding part can be coated or sequins to make stripes of irregular shape, for example under an angle.

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