The new care line of Dior Capture Youth 2019: full information (already sold out)

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From Dior anti-aging line to Capture Youth released 4 new products:

Regenerating oil-serum face, Dior Capture Youth Intense Rescue Serum-En-Huile Revitalisant strengthens the skin barrier to combat dryness and maintains moisture level, restores the level of lipids in the skin. Helps repair dry skin areas and supports the production of lipids. The skin receives the necessary nutrients and feeling full. Thanks to its innovative texture, this oil-serum Intense Rescue combines the efficiency of a serum and nourishing properties of the oil. New oil serum can be used as independently, dealing her a thick layer at night to fully restore the skin while you sleep, and mix it with cream that will increase the nutritional, restorative and protective properties of the latter. Also the novelty can be applied locally to the areas that need special nourishment and restoration (cheeks, lips, nose, etc.). In model two precious oils known for their powerful nourishing and regenerating properties, argan and Tamanu, as well as Florentine iris extract, which has antioxidant and restorative properties;

Enzymatic renewing lotion Dior Capture Youth Enzyme Solution — the first step of the ritual for skin care. It helps to remove dead skin cells and makes skin imperfections less noticeable. To enhance the effectiveness of the lotion, the manufacturer recommends nanosci after the Youth Capture serum. Renewing lotion instantly cleanses the skin and fills it with life. Every day it deeply moisturizes the skin, providing a silky smooth surface. The skin is completely prepared for the rest of the products will Capture Youth. The lotion is instantly absorbed into the skin and gives sensual pleasure;

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Care of the eye area Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment — restores the skin around the eyes, combats swellings, dark circles and wrinkles. Thanks to the active ingredient of natural origin, whose effectiveness is comparable with the efficiency of retinol, the tool instantly eliminates puffiness and smoothes the skin. The skin around the eyes retains the beauty and youthfulness for the entire day. The skin around the eyes becomes more fortified and smoother, signs of fatigue are reduced. Deeply hydrated, the skin remains smooth for a long time;

Rejuvenating antioxidant cream Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Cream Advanced — refreshes the skin, slows the appearance of signs of aging. Has Geleva-creamy texture. Full of antioxidant irises and vitamin B3, boosts the antioxidant power of the skin, increasing the resource of youthful skin and reducing imperfections. Skin looks instantly purified, smoothed and filled with energy. Day by day its colour changes, becomes brighter, the skin surface is levelled, the appearance of signs of aging slowed down markedly. Thanks to the technology that supports the delicate cell renewal, fresh gel-cream gradually saturates the skin with active ingredients of natural origin, restoring the surface of all skin types and at the effect of the updated skin.

The new care line of Dior Capture Youth 2019 is now available in,,

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