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I have noticeable large pores and all the makeup they failed, only exacerbating the situation. In my purse is already grout Tony Moly, which seems to be closed for me the theme of all such funds. But the soul asks experiments, and I could not pass up autumn novelties Catrice — tried both primers.

The New Catrice: Primers

Let’s start with the smoothing stick filter Insta Blur To Go Stick

Insta Blur To Go Stick

Packaging and Texture

Primer Insta Blur To Go Stick packaged in a small black and silver box, the lid of which bears the certification of the “handbag approved” — and I should note that he is really a baby in any purse and even clutch him find a place.

In comparison with the Catrice lipstick Prisma Chrome:

Insta Blur To Go Stick

Manufacturer: cosnova, Germany

Country of origin: Germany

Cost: 311 rubles without discounts

Volume: 4 g

Shade: 010 Nude

Insta Blur To Go Stick

The stick primer looks beige, but when applied on the skin it is completely transparent. To detect it on swatches only due to the characteristic luster:

Insta Blur To Go Stick

The texture is oily, siliconata. There is some softening of the skin, I think it’s a good idea to smooth the peeling.

My skin is prone to oiliness in the T-zone and on cheeks near the nose there is a large number of wide and fast lag since. Any Foundation emphasize the topography of my skin, so I’m looking for some kind of alignment tool or tightens pores the serum, but so far without success.


The manufacturer offers us 2 options: as a primer before applying Foundation or on top as a top cover with blur effect.

I want to begin to talk about the third option — use a leveling primer solo on bare skin.


Option 1. Solo

Insta Blur To Go Stick. Bare skin

After cleansing and applying care cosmetics I apply the primer directly on the skin stick, then distribute with your fingers. The result is really blur and can even say “photoshop effect”!

To Go Blur Stick. Primer solo

Pores less noticeable, the finish when rubbed into the skin produces a matte, velvety. Even my wrinkles on my forehead are a bit “jammed”. The skin looks better. Once again I will show you Before and After for comparison:

Insta Blur To Go Stick. Before and after

But first, my oily prone skin very quickly begins to Shine with such a coating.

And secondly, this option is suitable only for those who have naturally straight skin tone, there are no defects that need to disguise. Because the tool is transparent, though “zasluzivaet” a little relief, but does not hide color defects.

I need more masking and the tone means, so let’s move on to the next use of funds ????

Option 2. A primer, applied before Foundation

1. In this case, I also cleaned and “treated” skin paint primer is distributed on the skin, I give time to shrink.

2. Then apply tonal basis.

3. Doing your makeup.

What is the result? Let’s compare.

I now often use the creams from Oriflame — it is best suited in tone after the summer and less shiny. Here is my skin when using this Foundation solo:

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Foundation Manager solo

But with the primer:

Insta Blur To Go Stick. A primer under Foundation Manager

Stick stressed, turning them into dots of lighter shade — apparently they rammed Foundation, although I assumed that the pores are already filled with primer.

The tone is already not distributed evenly and sits on the skin — stains remain, the tone is uneven.

Vitality is deteriorating, the Shine appears literally within the first hour. (Again let me remind you that my skin is prone to fat, and possibly dry skin won’t be a problem).

A primer under Foundation the smell after a while

You might say that all problems are due to fabulicous the Foundation found that Catrice spread, and goose pig is not a friend… Not gonna prove to You that he is a good ???? let’s Just get the treatment with Foundation from Catrice HD Coverage Liquid Foundation ???? Here is how it looks on my skin solo:

Foundation Catrice solo

The pores are visible, but the coating is matte and quite smooth.

But this effect with the primer:

Insta Blur To Go Stick. A primer under Foundation Catrice

Again evenly distribute the Foundation is difficult, the result was not pre-existing skin, uneven tone, pores again highlighted rather than hidden.

Needless to say that the second way I don’t like?

Option 3. A top coating applied on top of Foundation

I have to admit, this is the option I wanted.

I have Pan Stik from Max Factor, I use it over Foundation — it combines everything you need: concealer, concealerand even not bad removes most of the pores. His only problem is that it is dense, oily and reminiscent of makeup, it is not always easy to create easy fluorescent coating (although in comparison I more and more appreciate their Pan Stik). In General, I expect Insta Blur To Go Stick a similar impact to the pores.

In this case, the process of applying the following:

1. Paint tone.

2. After the “shrinkage” tone paint Insta Blur Stick To Go to places where noticeable pores, in my case the T-zone and cheeks. I tried to apply the spot of the fingers and the right stick to hold the skin — did not notice a difference, the result is the same.

3. Next, powder the skin and make makeup.

The photo will show you the result directly after applying the primer powder and the subsequent cosmetics.

Insta Blur To Go Stick. Primer on top of Foundation really likeTo Go Insta Blur Stick. Primer on top of Foundation Catrice

Not sure what happened in the photo to convey all the features and defects of the coating. But in my opinion, the result was even worse than when applying the primer under the concealer.

Both foundations are beginning to fade and slide when applying funds, there are noticeable “bald spots”. But the most unpleasant that the pores again become the point of accumulation of colors — they are brighter and much more noticeablethan BEFORE, when they were “pits” on the skin.

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Vitality is deteriorating, the Shine appears directly from the stick.

Again, I have to admit that with primer, the skin looks worse than without it.

Make-up remover

I always remove the makeup product. But do not forget that the task To Go Insta Blur Stick and others like him, primers and grout is to fill, and so to clog the pores! It is therefore very important to regularly clean the face at the beautician or at home. I use this Ciracle wipes or aloe Vera gel and one teaspoon of UNO. Moreover, with the regular use of primer frequency of treatments should be increased as clogged pores much faster. You should not rely only on hydrophilic oil, as wonderful as it was.

This, of course, largely refers to the owners of advanced, lag since. But I am sure that dry skin will need more frequent cleansing.




My impressions

  • The real blur is obtained using primer solo on bare skin. In this case, the pores are noticeably overwritten, the skin relief is levelled. But this is only enough if you have even skin tone and no defects that require glossing. If any, the transparent stick will be insufficient.
  • Stick gives the skin a dewy glow. Perhaps this effect will appeal to girls with dry skin to obtain a “natural” glow to skin. For fat this effect is a big minus.
  • When rubbed into the skin leaves a nice matte finish. But it is only noticeable when used solo, without tonal resources, and quite long — within an hour there Shine (on the skin, prone to fat)
  • Markedly impairs resistance Foundation — they quickly begin to “float” and Shine.
  • When used with the tonal resources emphasizes pores, and creates peeling of the blue, smeared tone — creates a divorce and “bald spots”.

My rating: 3, only for the fact that it can be successfully used without tonal means to effect “soft focus”, or to give a natural dewy glow to dry skin.

My skin but both of these options don’t fit my natural skin fat and need to tone basis. And here is how time decided to try the stick is bad, the skin looks much worse with it than without it.

The second hero “of my novel” — Muscovy primer Catrice Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur

Primer Catrice Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur

Packaging and Texture

Primer moussavou texture and is Packed in soft tube in gentle tones.

As blush, blush box, a primer on packing a reassuring phrase “Goodbye Pores”. Apparently, all autumn novelties “talk” with Housewives ????

Primer Catrice Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur

The texture is soft, velvety, siliconata. Distributed product is easy skin tone does not change.

Volume: 30 ml

Manufacturer: cosnova, Germany

Country of origin: Italy

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Price: 399 rubles without discounts


1. On cleansed skin apply the primer, trying to fill all the pores and irregularities of the skin.

2. Give some time to shrink. But was not able to understand whether or not — I did not notice that in the end something has changed — the face in any way silky slippery after the primer.

3. Apply tonal basis. And further do make-up.

In principle, this is all with regard to the manipulation of Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur.

Let’s compare what happened with primer and without it — again, the example of Foundation Avon and Catrice Foundation HD Liquid Foundation Coverage. (Shown with the means that I now more suited in tone, but tested on all the basics of your cosmetics and on my skin the result is about the same with all the creams, fluids and Korean bb).

Foundation moisturizing without primerPrime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur. Tonal basis Oriflame primerPrime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur. Tonal basis Oriflame primer

Said goodbye to then? No! Relief all the same.

But I have to admit, the camera focuses on the skin much worse — so a “blur” is. The only problem is that I need beautiful skin in real life and not just in the photo. Although in this case and pictures of beauty did not happen.

But in real life the result was worse – this primer also emphasizes pores — they also rolled base, and their color is different.

Foundation without a primer CatricePrime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur. Foundation, primer CatricePrime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur. Foundation Catrice primer

The texture turned out seems better and smoother, but the problem starts with the skin tone — the coating is not dense enough to appear spots and stains. Pores visible.

Durability again is getting worse. The primer prevents the basis of a good “sit” on the skin. And it’s very strange, because the manufacturer promises improved durability.


Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur

My impressions

  • My large pores and wrinkles Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur hides. Pores become more visible due to the difference in the color pores and smooth skin.
  • Worse, the camera focuses on the skin, but a perfectly flat structure, the effect of photoshop on a photo still does not work.
  • Decreases the resistance of the Foundation, Shine appears.

The use of solo this primer I didn’t show because they didn’t notice much of a difference on bare skin — this option is more suitable stick or grout Tony Moly.

My rating: 1. I do not see results from Catrice Prime and Fine Primer Poreless Blur. Maybe it’s my skin and my pores wide… But if the pores are invisible in themselves, then why the primer that hides them?

Fully admit that these primers will behave better on the drier or smoother skin. But I, alas, they are not suitable.

Do You have working tools to visually reduce pores and correct skin texture? Please share ideas, I’d be happy to adopt ????

Thank you for your attention!

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